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Protein Powder and Bathroom Trips


so ive tried all kinds of protein powders even lactose free and yet everytime i have a shake i feel like i have to shit all day and i dont know why cause im not lactose intolerent but i find myself going to the bathroom alot so im beginning to think that for some reason i cant take protein powders i just wish i knew why.

i know its not my diet either cause ive gone without protein shakes for months and have been perfectly fine and then i started drinking them recently again and then this happened


Such as...?


ive taken whey isolate, casein, just regular whey, weight gainers, that egg shit, carnivore lol, prolly forgetting a bunch but ive been taking supps for almost 6 yrs now so ive tried a shit load. whos the girl damn


It might just be that you wer using cheap protein powders. The cheap Wallmart stuff off of the shelf will make you shit all day.


yea maybe i dont know man ive used some expensive stuff too though but i really cant afford to be spending 100 bucks a month on protein since thats already how much i spend on training alone and not to mention all my other bills. u can get strong without protein its harder though. all i know is im only gonna be experimenting with protein on my days off cause i only get 1 bathroom break at work and having the shits during a 12 hour shift is pretty fuckin brutal especially since with my job its about working fast and efficiently haha


Have you tried a veggie protein powder?

Like Rice or Pea protein powder?


no i have not. u order that online usually? how does veggie protein work lol ive never even heard of that


I drink 2 sometimes 3 whey shakes everyday. After a while whey starts to really bother my stomach and becomes hard to get down. So every year to I go off whey for 6 weeks and order rice protein powder. It doesn't have the most desirable of taste and texture but according to the site I order it from it has an amino acid profile correlation of 97% as compared to a Whey protein.

But to answer your question it works the same as whey, add liquid and mix. comparable amount of protein per scoop.


Try wheat protein and don't drink milk at all.