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Protein Powder and Bars

I just started working out recently and I wanted to know if protein powder and bars are needed.

Protein is needed. It doesn’t matter whether it comes from supplements or food.

Many people, including myself, rely on protein supplements because it can be difficult to consume enough protein through food sources.

My cousin who used to be a bodybuilder told me that I need to consume atleast 1.5-2 times my body weight, is that true?

Many people consume that much and feel that it makes a difference in terms of building muscle.

The only way’ll know what works best for you is to experiment.

No one can tell you the exact amount of carbs, protein, or fat you need to make best results.

I recommend using one of the many nutritional programs on this site, that are designed with your goals in mind, as a starting point and go from there.

Yes goals will help but a great starting point aim to always get 1gram per lb and well if you get more so be it.
You will need other macros as well fats and carbs