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Protein Overdose?


Probably a skewed Christian Hallelujah diet scam, but I want some honest opinions. (Nothing against Christans..)


What is that, 20-30g of protein/day?!?!

Is the BS or the Truth?



What a waste of time browsing through the Hallelujah Diet.


You deserve to be slapped and beaten for posting this with a serious comment next to it.


Thats just dumb.No one is gonna die from protein,lol.Although you can eat too much and it can be hard on your kidneys/liver,you'd have to eat a shit-load of protein.Like way more than 2 grams per pound.


Not to mention that we're not "the average guy".We workout and lift heavy weights.We need a good amount of protein.


Well wtf, I saw it on another forum and it looked somewhat credible


It's on the Internet, it must be true.


A quote from the website for entertainment purposes:

In summary, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that practically everything we have been told about protein is wrong. We don't need as much protein as we have been taught and consuming too much protein is hazardous to our health. We don't need to eat "complete protein." Our body needs protein from raw foods, because the building blocks for our living cells need to be living instead of dead. Cooked protein contains mutagens that are hazardous to our health, and some nutritional experts say cooked protein is impossible or very difficult to digest. Cooked meat is not a good source of protein. And protein has nothing to do with strength, energy or stamina.


Its on T-Nation, so it must be true.

(not that I have anything against T-Nation, its a great site. you guys are turning me into a criminal for posting this shit here......sorry.....)


It is a ltitle overrated.We need more than 30 g of protein per day when buildding muscle,but this site actually proves a good point about the diet industry brainwashing everyone into thinking that protein is key to building muscle.It is,don't get me wrong,but if you wanna build muscle you also need calories.All the protein in the world won't build you new muscle if you're on a 1,500 calorie eating plan.I figured that out the hard way when I was 15.It is true that the way they talk about protein you'd think it makes you rich and grows hair.Protein is essential.We need it.But the diet industry blows it out of proportion.


This is true. It has been proven by world-class athletes time and time again. When you read about their diets, you see that all the protein they need (no more than 30 gr/day!) they get from nuts and soy beans.

Bodybuilders are a special case, so they can get away with eating some more protein (maybe 10gr/day more), and especially more soy beans to promote pec development. But beware, there have been many bodybuilders who have died of exploded kidneys because they were eating 50-60 gr/day of protein; these deaths have consistently been covered up by the mainstream magazines and the supplement industry.

It is sad that when the truth is brought up on a forum such as this, it is ridiculed in such a way.


Well said, brother. Hallelujah, the scales of protein gluttony have fallen from my eyes!


Don't worry about it. They do that to everyone who posts things that run contrary to ...THE TRUTH.

Seriously, take a good look at some of the nutrition articles on this site and you will get a better idea on how important protein really is.


I wish people would stop repeating this myth as if it were fact.


The sad thing is, I bet you could actually create a web site stating exactly this and the majority of the people reading it would believe it. Hell, if you stated this on the nightly news, the majority of the entire country would believe it.


Hell, I'm starting to believe it myself!

I was going to go with


but somebody already took it. All of these were also taken:






Please visit meatsucks.com, they seem to know what they're talking about.



Some people on here are just so full of pride and don't want to hear the truth. It's a medical fact that if you consume too much protein it can hurt your kidney and cause other problems.Protein isn't bad,it's good for you,it's essential to building muscle,but too much can cause health problems.Thats just how it goes.Just like too much fat will make you fat.


It is true. Cooked proteins have shown to cause some cancer in lab rats.I don't make this stuff up.This has been reported in medicine.


Medical fact?

Show me the study.


First I would like to know what you are calling "too much." How much per day over what period of time causes kidney "and other problems."

Secondly, I want to see the science that you are relying on in order to make this determination.

Man is a meat eater and has relied on a high protein diet for thousands of years.