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Protein on the Hoof

Just got a 10 cubic foot chest freezer and a refurbished Hoyt Intruder bow. HOORAH! Any hunters out there have good resources for bowhunting supplies and info? I’m pretty well salted when it comes to rifle hunting, and fairly confident in my ability to get close enough to game (my weapon of choice is an open sighted Winchester 30-30), but I need some good information resources regarding the technology of the bow and accessories. Any good links guys?

Y’know, I believe that Weider makes a crossbow. In fact, currently there’s a post about it over on the T&N forum.

(Hee hee hee heee…)

The best advise I could give you would be to visit your local bow shop. I was just like you in regard to guns and then I decided on a bow. The people at my bow shop explained everything to me and even taught me how to shoot. Sorry, I don’t know any websites though.

Demo, Just saw this post…I love bow hunting…I use a Hoyt “Fast Flight” with a peep and Pin sight…I too think you should probably visit your local bow shop…Their is alot of quality equipment out there…PSE is a VERY good bow as well…Good luck!

Try Cabelas. They have an online store. Believe it is cabelas.com. I have purchased a number of items from them…all at good prices.