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Protein on Non-Lifting Days


I usually take 2 scoops (40g) of whey protein after a workout. Should I take just as much on non lift days?

I also add glutamine (5g) to my protein shake but I read that is best taken before a workout and again before bed. Should I split up when I take these or is it ok to have them all at once post workout? And again, is glutamine needed on non lift days?



If you take 40g PWO, how can you take 40g PWO when you don't workout?

busting your balls a little. Sorry, but that was a stupid open-ended question


I would keep the supps flowing on lift days and non. recovery is just as important


If not more.


The same. 1.5-2g/lb GASP!


Actually that was the question. I stated that I took 40g after a workout, I was asking if I should take 40g days that I don't work out... Not sure how that was confusing to you (?)