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Protein/Nutrition Supp for a Chick


So my guy friend decided to play a personal trainer and set me up with the P90X program. He also says I should consider taking a nutritional supplement and drinking protein shakes. Ummm I'm 24 y.o F, have been working out pretty consistently for a year. Currently I'm about 18% body fat ( ok for a chick) and only want to tone up and maybe drop 5 lbs . Do I really need a supplement, and if so, which kind is better. Thanks upfront


Hmmm... your going to have to tell us what your diet and exercise routine is like before we can give very good advise.

You've already stated your goals, which is good... Have you started P90X?

A common recommendation around here is to have protein intake at a minimum of 1g/lb to ensure when you lose weight that you aren't losing muscle. How you get this protein is up to you, but most people find one or two protein shakes help so they don't have to eat 2 more cans of tuna or a few extra chicken breasts.

Fish oil, maybe a multivitamin, and plenty of antioxidants are also good ideas.


Well, what're you eating now? And how much do you weigh?


Protein shakes are useful if you don't have time to cook meat to get enough protein, or if you just like the taste. They're just more convenient food.


that is a very good question. if you are on the P90X prgram eating plan i personally don't think you need to drink shakes. the eating plan is designed to give you all that you need to have a good workout and by adding protien shakes will just F that up. i do suggest taking a good multivitamin and amino acids.


Weird that you would recommend against supplemental protein, but that you recommend an amino acid supplement.

Do you realize that whey is a more economical source of amino acids?


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18% or better BF abs give you immunity.

As others have said, you should get a good deal of protein in your diet if building or maintaining muscle is a priority. Protein shakes are good because they can be quicker absorbed (better around a workout) and maybe more convenient. But real food will work.

So, again, it depends on what your goals our. I general only do protein powder after lifting, or if I run out of food in the panty.


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Hm I'm on my 3rd week of the workout. My diet.......well I just eat what I feel like eating :confused: which according to your recommendation really doesn't provide me with enough protein. I usually eat 1 egg for breakfast and chicken breast or one serving of another meat for lunch/dinner. All other calories I get from fruits/veggies and sweets. For carb sources I avoid breads/chips/grains but end up eating a lot of candy. I know it's horrible.


I eat everything I see. I don't eat out and cook myself. Currenly, I'm 147 lbs. Goal is 140.


Hahaha concentrate ! What's your favorite protein shake? I think I might give up my daily ice-cream, def need a good tasting substitute.


Yeah, depending on what kind of results you want, you should do some searches around the site on healthy dieting and see what pops up.

Basically the better your diet the better your results, working out is about half the equation and diet is definitely at least half as well.


You can't go wrong with Low Carb Metabolic Drive! Tastes as good as Ice Cream and better for you. Blend it with a tiny amount of water and some ice cubes to make yourself a frozen type protein treat.

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Your entire breakfast is 1 egg? Or is that just the only protein you have with breakfast? Either way, that's terrible.

Just so you know, it's very unlikely you will create a physique you can be proud of eating ice cream and sweets everyday. Breaking this habit will go a long way towards achieving your physique goals.

I think getting a protein powder would be beneficial for you since it appears you aren't a fan of eating protein foods.