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Im currently starting to work out again, when i do start my full workout (im taking it slow until the soreness isnt as bad, but i still do non-weight excercises during the down time) i need to know how much protein to intake.

Currently i intake a little more than my body weight in protein. do i need more protein for muscle building? what are some other good things to have?

intake at least 1.5 grams of protein per bodypound for building. L glutamine (love the stuff) its an amino acid it’ll help with soreness 5 grams before and after workout and again before bed in some casein protein and also looked into beta-alanine its good for endurance and soreness.

If your eating enough calories, 1xBW in grams is plenty IMO.

Forget most supplements for now besides fish oil and post-workout whey protein.

I try to get 1xBW grams protein from whole protein sources like meats, eggs, milk, and cottage cheese. Additionally, protein from foods such as beans and nuts are a plus.