Protein- musashi

I’m an englishman currently residing in australia.
my question is regarding the subject of protein powders: firstly i am a traveller doing the best financially- therefore limited budget to spend on protein powders.
i find that australia is very expensive for sports supplements-especially imported ones- and before you start flaming if i could i would use surge-definitely will be once back in england!!!
anyway i am currently using musashi isolate as my post workout solution, and at other times using their 92% protein-(mixture of proteins-soy, albumen, concentrates etc) however i recollect reading that ian king said that musashi was a load of shit??? if so could someone recommend a good source of protein powder(isolate, hydrolysates) for me to use pre/post workout that is relatively inexpensive

Well yes Musashi is a load of Shit, if you want something cheap the best AUSTRALIAN brand you can buy is the Redback brand. Once upon a time i used the Aussie Bodies Perfect Protein and when i mixed it in a glass, it all came to the top!! ALL of it. Thinking back now that must have been hillarious. I have been using AST’s VP2 ever since and i dont think i should even try to explain the difference.

More importantly, what presents the best value for money and taste/texture/thickness combination, for Australians? I have yet to find something that meets such requirements. Currently I’m using Horley’s vanilla Why Factors which mixes in nicely with my oatmeal and post-workout shakes. However, I’m still after a simple Advanced Protein-like product that can be consumed on its own. Cost, not to mention shipping, prevents AP from being a realistic option. Any ideas?

Have to agree with SLAINE,Redback WPi'has to be the best value around,contains Whey Protein Isolate,BCAA's,Glutamine Peptides,and sweetened with stevia instead of gut-wrenching aspartame!Can get it for $98 for 4 kilos at 'Health for U' in Chapel Street Prahran(if you not in Melbourne you can order over the phone from them,they have a full page ad in (Australian)Ironman under the nameBGP Herbal Health Food Discounts’.When I moved to Melbourne I looked long and hard for the cheapest outlet,this place is the cheapest I could find.

boombam, thanks for the info. 4kgs for that price is quite good value. What does it taste like?

Guys, best Post W/O protein in Aus is VP2. Otherwise go to for the best quality and prices-TRUST ME ON THIS!

thanks for the input boys and girls
what evidence can be given for musashi being shit???
i have seen that redback stuff, i was a bit dubious about buying it because it is hardly world renowned, i read their labels and shit, i find it humourous that companies have to put bullshit on their labels-- redback say that they have got 23 grams of bcaas in their protein??? i think you’ll find that in any 100g serving of whey protein you 23 grams of bcaa’s will be present???

so can someone point to any literature stating that musashi are crap??? ie lab tests on their products, inferior grade of protein being used etc

Jules,forgot to mention that you can buy glucose polymers(maltodextrin) from pharmacies here to mix with whey for your post w/o drinks.The brand is Poly Joule,pharmacies that stock it charge around $11 for a 900g can.Cheaper than buying brand name carb powders,which are often diluted with simple sugars.By the way,if you don’t mind simple sugars you can use CSR Brewing sugar from the supermarket,cheapest option,but in addition to the Maltodextrin it is over half sucrose.

Apollo, does the NZ milk protein (from mix instantly with a spoon and water or do you need a blender. Aussies importing NZ milk…go figure.

From the Aussie dairy corp site, “Twenty to thirty per cent of Australia’s whey production is used domestically, in infant formula, biscuit and ice cream manufacture. The remainder is exported, with China being the largest market for Australian whey products in 1999/2000.”

The Aussie powder manufacturers don’t see the supplement industry as a viable market. I don’t think you need the high quality ingredients of a product like Advanced Protein to manufacture biscuits, ice-cream or infant formula. Hence their focus is not solely on quality but on quantity (depends on definition of quality).

Don't know about NZ dairy either. If it mixes well with a spoon. it's good quality, if it clumps together, then that product is designed for blending by giant food manufacturers to be used in food products such as biscuits, flavoured milk drinks or cold meats.

I’ve tried Musashi and that product is heavy on the stomach.

so are the claims about musashi unsubstantiated??
had a look at that website, their stuff looks interesting but once again i am a little dubious because i would have thought you wouldnt need a blender for isolates because evn when you have loads its still like water??
anyone tried these guys?, the casein looks a very good buy

Jules the guys at are legit. I live up the road from them in Western Australia and I was dubious of the protein powders at first. They offered to let me do a lab assay test on a random sample at the local university. The independant lab tests came back 100%. Keep in mind though that the protein powders do not have any flavouring and therefore taste quite bland -but add some fruit to them or chocolate syrup and you are good to go.

I’ve used their whey and casein, and it’s the best and the cheapest. Tastes like shit but I don’t care. I just put it in a shaker with a couple of ice cubes and water. The whey isolate is 98g per 100g protein, and the caseinate is 96g/100g. The reason their so high is because they don’t have any additives, fillers or flavours. Both proteins are micro and ultra filtered and cool processed. No heat no ion-exchange. The only retail PP you’d need would be VP2 for post WO.