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Protein Muffins

One day I was sitting around trying to think of different ways of getting protein other than things like meals, MRPs, beef jerky, etc. and then I thought, what if I were to make a batch of something like muffins and while mixing all the eggs and flour and such, just adding in some protein powder to equate to about 50 grams of protein per muffin or so. Now, considering I’m not very experienced in the kitchen I figured I’d ask some other people what they think might happen. Like if it’ll be a complete disaster, the muffins turning out rock-hard, tasting like dirt (which I actually wouldn’t mind if they tasted like dirt). Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

That all depends on what you’re trying to make. A favorite of mine is some fat-free, sugar-free jello pudding with a big load of chocolate protein powder mixed in. Maybe not the best as far as the nutrition goes, but a pretty nice desert when you’ve got a killer sweet-tooth. The problem with other recipes is that the protein powder has to fit the taste and so far as I know, the only stuff this works with is anything chocolate. The other protein powder flavors just don’t really go well with anything. Imagination is the key in the kitchen, but I think Patricia and Ko could give you some better ideas for this type of thing.

You can replace some of the flour with protein powder. I wouldn’t recommend simply adding protein powder as the dough will be impossible to mix and the muffins will be extremely dry.

Would the heating of the Muffins change the protein in any way? Making it maybe less effective or breaking it down and making it useless? Just a thought as I don’t know.

Heating the protein will change the absorbtion rate and also alter various biologically active protein fractions. But all the protein will still be there; it’s not going anywhere.

Sweet, Chris make a batch and let us know how they taste!!!

Don’t have a muffin recipe, but if you’re on a t-dawgish type diet, you could mix 8 ozs. of pureed cottage cheese, 1/2 cup of water, your favorite oil for your fat intake, and 8 1/2 scoops of low-carb chocolate Grow. I mix it for a minute with the back of a wooden spoon and then shape 'em into bars. No cooking neccesary, put 'em in the fridge. Pretty nice. If you use vanilla Grow (doesn’t taste as good in this recipe) I would recommend using natural peanut butter or peanut oil for the fat.

If you’re eating P+C meal from Massive Eating, then obviously drop the fat and use classic Grow (same scoops, I think. Don’t quite remember) and drink the bars w/ some juice.