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Protein makes me Fart

Hey I’m sure all you guys out there that consume lots of can relate to me on this one. At the end the end of day after consuming a hefty amount of protein I start farting like there’s no tomorrow. Not just any farts, but these are clear the room farts kind of farts!! I can’t even bear it sometimes. Does anyone know if there’s something that I can take that’ll help me out on this issue.

What kind of protein are you taking in? Cheap whey powders do a number on me: gas, bloating, and wretched farts. I’ve never had a problem with whole food sources of protein, just the whey. Excess gas isn’t a good thing; it means something’s not being processed correctly.

Try using a good whey protein isolate. I usually get the same problem with proteins that have higher lactose content like milk protein. You can try digestive enzymes or a product like Phazyme or Gas-X which contain simethicone

two words for you…
Beano, baby!!!

i was carbing up last saturday, didnt even eat that many eggs, but oh god i left one out in this chicks room, it musta smelled for close to 5minutes…

If farting comes from drinking protein shakes then it’s probably because around 15% of digestion happens in the mouth, through chewing. So when you’re drinking your food, it doesn’t begin the digestion process untill it reaches your intestines. Solution: Chew your protein shakes. Worked extremely well for me.

Don’t you get any satisfaction from ripping one off??? As long as it’s not too wet :-)! Just watch out for those times when you’re squatting as that can create a fabulous disaster.

Am I the only one who gets gas from good quality casein blends and not cheap whey?

I second Jesse A’s post. However, if I’m sipping on a shake in class or something I feel kind of funny gnawing on every gulp, so I found that chewing on a peice of gum immediately after the shake will also do the trick.

I have been consuming a lot of whey recently which is probably the cause of my problem. To Jesse and Drex, thanks a lot guys!!! Your simple advice has really helped me out.

Am I the only one who does NOT get gas from protein? What’s up with that? I only get farts from carbs! When I go keto, all the farts disappear for me.

Anyway, I’ve discovered that oil of oregano is great for stopping gas. A naturopathic doctor recommended it, but it’s very hard to find.

By the way, the only digestion that happens in the mouth is for starches. Saliva converts starch to sugar. Protein is only digested in the stomach.

It’s not just proteins, it’s also from an increased amount of food of any kind. If you make a rapid increase in food intake you’ll be a natural resource for a while. Once your system adjusts you won’t be knocking lamps over with huge anal blasts any longer. Protein powders are one of the easiest things to digest there is, most of the work is done before you even get it in your mouth, chewing them is a WOT (waste of time). Protein disgestion is triggered by stomach distention which triggers hydrochloric acid release and tells your brain that you’re full at the same time. Once the stomach contents are a slurry they are pulsed out into the small intestine a little at a time where they are further digested and the nutrients are absorbed. Hi GI carbs digest through chewing, some stomach action, and fementation in the upper GI tract. The fermentation produces quite a bit of gas.

I also have that problem. I’m going to try some anti gas pills. Hopefully it works. The only protein that does not give me problems is GROW. Surge also don’t give me gas.

i don’t have this particular problem because i use water in my shakes. I stay away from using milk in my shakes. I use whey isolates, whey hydrosylates, and casein. laters pk

I’ve always used psylium (sp?) see husk, just mix it with your protien and it’ll clean you out something proper. The farts will still be there but absent the skin melting aroma.