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Protein Light-Headedness

Why do I feel crappy after chomping down on Protein bars? I’ve been adding Pure Protein bars to my diet, cause I’ve been lacking on my intake. After eating one, I always feel crappy… light headed, and dizzy. Any ideas on why this happens? This may have been asked before, but the search is not working for me. Sorry if this is a repeat question.

Is it possible you become dehydrated
from eating them? It probably takes
nearly a quart of water to be enough
to bring their contents to proper
osmotic balance.

Another thing is that they tend to have
WAY too much of some minerals.

Maybe you’re allergic to some ingredient in them or need to take in water as Bill says. I use them and they don’t have that effect on me.

I’ve tried different brands, and they all do the same thing… I always chug about 20 oz of water with every bar. I could be allergic to something… that never occured to me.

Perhaps you are not getting enough carbs?