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Hi Guys,

What protein intake do you aim for?

Sooo many different opinions: 1gram/lbs - 2 grams/lbs

Over the past few years I've hot the 1.5gram/lbs mark, but I would like to drop this down to around 1.2/lbs to allow me to include more carbs and good fats (at same calorie intake). Will this provide enough protein/aminos to aid muscle recovery and growth?



Yes, it'll be enough. The Mighty Stu talks about this often. Anything between 1gram/lb -2g/lb is fine, but the more carbs you eat, probably the less amount of protein you 'need', because carbs are protein sparing.


This is true...and kept me from writing a novel.


Great, thanks^

ProfX - you are looking truly huge, keep it up!


Dammit.... I like your novels :frowning:


Did that novel include the word "Hamburger"? Nice new avatar pic by the way. Looks like your "leaning out" phase is going well.