Protein/Kidney disease/depression

First post here…sorry for the length of this post, but i’m in a complictated situation…I’ll try to keep it short…I’ll first start off with some info about me followed by goals, questions etc…

6’1" 168lbs

Kidney disease- mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis since 1987, NOT spilling protein

3 shoulder (left) surgeries since 1996- to tighten shoulder, 1 scope and laser of ligaments, 2 Neer capsular shifts= last surgery 1-14-2004

Waist at belly button- 32 inches- still 1/3 inch fat at front of stomach, 3/4 inch in lower back ( Back fat! lol)

Mild to moderate depresion, work, stress, waning confidence is really affecting me…

At age 15, I was 6’0 165lbs with a little less fat then I have now, …at age 17, 6’1 180. I have always been “strong”, not freakishly strong but definitely above average…grew up in a SMALL town but I was always the strongest or 2nd strongest in my class until 14ish (till other kids started lifting and I wasn’t)

goal: 180-185 w/ the same waist or smaller waist

I will be seeing my kidney doctor soon, to talk about protein intake…I have to be careful but my guess is .8 gram of protein per pound body weight plus plenty of water will be fine…

How does depression affect muscle gain? I think the added muscle will help my self confidence…being this puny is tough…

–are certain protein supplements easier on the kidneys? isolates, casein?-- ??

I’m working out now, but my shoulder is too weak to lift much weight… example, doing 30-45lbs on the machines (bench, lat pulldown, rows) 5-15lbs with dumbells… I hope to be working out with 75-100lbs in 4 weeks. Will supplement timing and protein really help me at this early stage of muscle building? Can I lift everyday and still gain??? ( I’m not reaching failure on lifting yet cause the weights are too light) I’m sure it helps to eat right, get adequate protein, but when should I really get serious?? I’ve bought no2, ZMA, and i’m mentally ready to do this…! I already eat healthy…dropped my cholesterol from 279 to 173 in the last year ( was 279 cause I was working too much and eating fast food, previous 3-4 years i was eating healthy…)

long post, but i’m sure this isnt’ near enough detail to give me rock solid answers or advice…but my main questions are…if you can’t work out with heavy enough weights to push yourself…do supplements are supplement timing help really matter??? Should I wait a month, 2 months, 6 months to take the no2, and (kidney doctor willing)drink a protein shake after working out and consume some caseine protein before bed???

–are certain protein supplements easier on the kidneys? isolates, casein?-- ??

what affect does depression have on all this???

I’m no docotor, so please only take my words as some guy from a message board.

Prolonged depression, in the lack of severe problems (such as losing loved ones), is usually a result of a poor diet.

You need to clean up your diet and eat good food. Eat only unprocessed foods. Eat lots of vegetables, and eat mineral rich foods such as organic eggs, liver, oysters especially and other shellfish, and sea vegetables.

You could start vegetable juicing, and juice things like asparagus, spring mix lettuce (be careful not to get the kind with spinach in it), carrots, etc. Eat as many veggies as you can. Cook your spinach, eat sauerkraut, don’t eat lots of raw broccoli, and don’t eat raw cabbage. Get your veggie juice right after you workout.

You can also look into good supplements such as Garden of Life products. You could take large doses of their iron free multiple, as well as “perfect food”. I would also recommend “Fungal Defense” followed by heavy doses of “Primal Defense” for several months.

Gut health is the foundation of a healthy body, so that is important to do. It is related to mental health.

Eliminate sugar intake. This should not mess up your training. Replace sugary post-workout drinks with glutamine and whey.

Depression WILL harm your training, so right now I would focus on health. It will make a very big difference. Remain active by walking, jogging, etc. every day. This is important for restoring health, as it gets things moving in the mody (digestion, lymph fluid, sweating, increased blood flow, etc).

I wouldn’t worry about sports supplements.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions please ask.