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Protein Isolates Bad for You?


This is the first time I've heard about this, but someone is claiming protein isolates in general are bad for you because they over work your kidneys? Anyone hear of this before?


Not dangerous.


please post source, so we can laugh and point fingers


Who is "someone"?


Didn't seem to stop you from buying a fuck ton of protein anyway (Level 4)? Have your kidneys popped out and ran away yet? No? I guess you should be fine then.


I'm seriously laughing out loud. He joined in February and today is the third! LOL A moderator needs to speak up and tell us exactly how much someone orders to get bumped straight to level 4.


One thing that comes to mind about concentrated food sources being bad for someone, is if undesirable contaminants are present in sufficient quantity, the remedy for this is obvious.


A person's Join Date has nothing to do with when they started purchasing. It is the date they started using the forums. Nothing more.


OK...how many "undesirable contaminates" are present in your "concentrated food sources"?

If the answer is, I don't know...then how do you know it is a risk?


I know Ori Hofmekler (Warrior Diet) is against whey isolate, as is Dr. Mercola. I had always thought the protein is damaging on the kidneys thing was a myth, but Hofmekler actually does mention it:

"The whey minerals are the best in the world.
What‟s interesting about these minerals including the organic minerals that basically they are water soluble. What makes them water soluble is the fat in milk everybody wants to remove. The phospholipids help with delivery of these cations, positive charged ion minerals like calcium and prevent it from being non-water soluble calcium which is very adverse and dangerous to your kidney."

Dr. Mercola's comments on isolate:

"All whey protein isolates are devoid of nutritional co-factors including alkalizing minerals, naturally occurring vitamins, and lipids, which are lost in the processing... This renders them deficient and overly acidifying. Unlike whole protein food concentrates which does not acidify your body due to it's alkalinizing minerals, whey protein isolate are over acidifying.

Whey isolate can be a serious liability.

If chronically consumed in large amounts (such as with bodybuilders or athletes) without alkalizing foods, it can acidify your body and over time may lead to metabolic acidosis with consequences that include waste of muscle and bone tissues, total metabolic shut down, and increased vulnerability to degenerative disease.

Many cheap whey protein isolates are produced from acid cheese; they're byproducts of acid processing, which is a cheap way to separate whey from the curd. Most of these whey products are rated below pet foods because of the inferior quality of the protein, which is actually more of a nitrogen waste product than one that will produce health benefits that are mentioned in the featured study.

Additionally once the fat has been removed from whey protein isolate, you lose some of the most important components of its immunological properties, such as phospholipids, phosphatidylserine and CLA. All of the IgG immunoglobulins, which are an excellent source of glutamine and glutamylcysteine, are also bound to the fat globule, and therefore lost in the processing of whey isolates."


Those comments are just that comments. By people who have to appeal to a subset of the population that will not take simple basic advice. This audience needs something more, almost like religion. It becomes a matter of purity and they use that to disdain all that is even slightly less in their estimation.

If whey is so poor in minerals, why does it have around 150mg calcium, and 175mg potassium per serving? Simple solution even if it were true: put a scoop in full fat yogurt or whole milk. But of course everyone is afraid of that too. Like the 10% of our calories from dairy somehow cause negative effects that the 50% plus that comes from refined grains, sugars, and refined poorly balanced fats that everyone seems to forget about?

This is a crock. Most CFM isolates and other cold filtered methods produce excellent high percentage isolates without lactose that some people are intolerant to. I will not argue for ion exchange isolates, but CFM and other cold filtered ones are high in immunoglobins and available from hormone-free New Zealand cows for less than a buck a serving even in Canada where prices are higher.

As for fat making minerals water soluble wouldn't that mean they are actually fat soluble? The amount of fat required for absorption is actually quite low.

References to tightly controlled studies otherwise these are BS marketing claims of these experts own 'knowledge'.

Note the weasel word "may" in the Mercola statement. Metabolic acidosis is usually the result of some serious metabolic shutdown not the cause of it as Mercola states. He has it totally backwards.




Stupid threads like this are even more dangerous to our health and sanity...


I was skeptical of it as well, and its funny that you mention going to extreme purity- Mercola advocates for raw milk grass fed cold processed whey concentrate, which he conveniently sells (way more expensive than most whey products). Some of his stuff is good, mostly positions on grains, sugars, healthy fats (positions/information similar to Gary Taubes), but other stuff almost seems paranoid or hyped. I definitely dont think theres anything wrong with quality isolate, and its not worth the effort/$ to go to extremes when less expensive and equally effective (or better) whey products are readily available. I linked the video on his website but i guess it was deleted.


NOT TRUE. I had whey isolate once and I almost spontaneously combusted. Almost.