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Protein Isolate vs Mass Gainer

I passed by a supplement store trying to buy a protein supplement to at least aid me in losing a bit of fat while maintaining muscle. I noticed two supplements — a protein isolate and a mass gainer.

This protein isolate contains 25g of protein for a single scoop. The mass gainer contains a whooping 92g of protein for 8 scoops.

I was wondering if it’s practical for me to buy a mass gainer but only take two scoops to gain at least 20g of protein rather than buying a protein isolate that has 25g of protein per single scoop? I’m not really well-informed with regards to supplements, I apologize.

You see, the mass gainer is a lot cheaper compared to the protein isolate here in my place. Both have the same brand and I want to know which is worth it.

Please advise.

Dude. Do the math.

Store-bought “mass gainers” are giant wastes of money because they’re loaded with cheap calories and fillers, and often lower quality protein sources. You’ll always be better off making your own shakes by adding stuff like milk and peanut butter to a good protein powder. These are a few easy recipes.


Maybe start looking at gram/gram ratios instead of scoops.

The scoop I use for my protein powder is much smaller than the one I use for dog food.

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