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'Protein is HIGHLY Over-Rated' some 'Fitness' Lady


A woman I talk to on twitter, mentioned her pear and almonds breakfast, and claims she was going to lift today.
So I just asked, no protein? she said, protein in the almonds, wow 7 g?
So she fires back with PROTEIN IS HIGHLY over-rated
and she's not a pawn by the supplement companies
I fired back who mentioned supplementing protein? whats wrong with 20 g for breakfast?
she is on the kick companies tell us we need more protein, well, i'm saying
have more than 7 grams a meal for 4 meals a day, especially breakfast.
i feel like strangling her, her tweets, half are spam for some SIX PACK ABS type of ebook or whatever.
I told her anyone who LIFTS is looking to get at least 1 g per lb of lean body weight a day.
What would you tell this woman?


I would post pictures of successful female athletes, figure competitors, and trainers who DO advocate eating protein. Post their pictures and samples of their diets.

Also, if possible, post a question posed to any of these women asking if they would be willing to drop protein because it's "highly overrated"--and "if it was so important, shouldn't more women be consuming it?"--then post their hilarious reaction, all on this dumb chick's Twitter.

Or, you could just forget about her.


lol @ twitter


God made the earth and then he gave us rule over it, it is okay for us to eat animals.

Animal proteins have a bette amino acid profile and cholestrol which is good.

Iron is much easier to absorb through animal protein.

She is obviously a veggie only eater, don't bother trying to convince a nut case.


Send her this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSCOC_3nZgg

It will get her to eat more meat.


Maybe she's just planning on lifting these.


honestly who cares dude.

if she's not asking for advice, why even bother


I would advise her to back off the protein a bit, the 7g from almonds doesn't account for the .5g in her pear....i would also tell her..and you to get off of Twitter and get with the hipster crowd and delve into myspace...its all the rage. Course it might be that same damn advertising thats pushing that protein bullshit that made me create my myspace page...shit.

Ill have to start a thread asking about this asap.


protein is NOT important for the the average lycra wearing aerobicer whos only interested in getting out of the house for a few hours and dancin around with pink DB's while listening to olivier newton john's "lets get physical".
THIS THREAD SHOULD END HERE . who gives a fuck what someone on twitter thinks.


I'm still confused why skinny chicks think of nuts (or cheese) as a 'protein source'.


Low fat cheese is not a source of protein?


Definitely not worth it.


HAHAHAHAH lmao ... thats sick but funny


Why the fuck would you even care... seriously.


Who cares? A good diet for women is just throwing up after meals. Its science...


This made me want a steak, but I think I'll toss my cookies if I see a pork chop any time soon.


thats what you get for being on twitter. shits gay


why are you on twitter?


That's some fucked up shit right there.


Twitter? You brought her you twit-her.