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Protein Intake?


Hey guys!

I have a question and was wondering if anyone could give me an opinion regarding protein intake.

I have decided to cut down my protein intake ?os I don't want to over stress my kidneys.

Went to a Kidney specialist and had an ultra-sound scan of my kidneys. The guy said that my right kidney looked a bit pale... but he could not conclude anything cos it could he said from what he could see, it did not necessarily mean it was pathological.

When he did a urine dipstick test, no protein. Also had a 24hr creatinine clearance test. That was okay. The blood test for renal function was normal, but the only thing was that urea was slightly high on a scale of 0 - 8 I was 12.

I think, just to be on the safe side I wanna change my diet for the long run...

This is my current diet -

8 egg whites (24g protein)
8 egg whites (24g protein) + Steamed Vegetables
8 egg whites (24g protein) + Steamed Vegetables
8 egg whites (24g protein) + Steamed Vegetables
8 egg whites (24g protein) + Steamed Vegetables
88g Whey + 44g dextrose (Post-workout)
8 egg whites (24g protein) + 1 cup oats
I ? Dory fish + Steamed Vegetables
I ? Dory fish + Steamed Vegetables
I Dory fish + Steamed Vegetables
Protein ? 312g

Carbs ? 104g

The diet plan below is my new diet plan.

6 egg whites (18g protein) + 1 cup oats
6 egg whites (18g protein) + ? cup oats
6 egg whites (18g protein) + Stir-fried Vegetables
6 egg whites (18g protein) + Stir fried Vegetables
5 egg whites (18g protein) + Stir fried Vegetables
44g Whey + 66g dextrose (Post-workout)
6 egg whites (18g protein) + 1 cup oats
I Dory fish + 1 cup oats
I Dory fish + Steamed Vegetables
I Dory fish + Steamed Vegetables
Protein ? 209g

Carbs ? 276g carbs

What do you think? Considering my condition and body weight at 81kg, do you think my protein intake is still too high? I am not good with calorie calculations, so do you think my new plan will help me preserve my muscle? I know that the previous high protein intake helped to sustain my muscles, but I don't know if the new diet plan will work for me...what do you think?

I suspect my previous diet was reliant on protein as a source of fuel and although I did not lose my muscles, I did not grow much muscle either cos of the low carb intake.

Yours sincerely,

Soo Boon.


I think you need a lot more variety in your diet.


A LOT more.


Jesus christ.

I'm speculating here, but i wouldn't be surprised if you were acquiring some medical problems as a result of having such limited food selections.

Is there a reason you aren't eating beef, chicken, turkey, other types of fish, cottage cheese, etc?


I wouldn't even consider the egg whites (4 dozen) and three servings of fish a bad selection of protein. The veggies are a nice touch too. You get 100% bioavailable protein and what I would assume is a variety of a lot of veggies. This is good.

Here's what's bad: NO fruit, NO fat. You might have some fat from the fish, but it would pretty much be insignificant. Fat is good for you. Zero fat will fuck you up. You eat a lot of veggies, so a limited fruit intake wouldn't be bad (1-2 servings/day minimum), however you are getting zero fruit. Fix this.

Otherwise, the variety thing like the other guys said. While I think the protein variety doesn't matter at all, being that it's the best protein source, just make sure you're getting a wide variety of veggies, not just two or three kinds.

Also, unless you have a pre-existing kidney dysfunction, a high protein diet shouldn't impact kidney health.



First off what lead you to get such a thorough kidney exam?

I see no reason why you need to consume so much protein.

I even remember reading an article on here about research that has proven consuming less than 1 gram per pound of body weight is sufficient.

That means you would be still able to build and maintain muscle by eating less than 180 grams of protein a day for your bodyweight.

what is your body fat percentage?
how long had you been eating so much protein?


Yeah right, I dont care what your research says, if you want to grow you need at a minimum 1 gram per and during bulks I do between 1.5 - 2 grams.

I do agree that his calculations are off.


Partially agree but I do think it would not hurt for him to switch things up a bit and add some lean beef and chicken. I personally switch on a weekly basis so I could eat what he is eating for one week and then eat beef instead of his fish and add chicken the next week.

I know this sounds weird but I dont count egg whites as a source of my protein grams per day. They are icing on the cake. What I mean is that egg whites should be a main stay in any diet, they are a given. But on top of that I would add two main protein sources, selecting from fish, chicken, beef, and turkey.


Okay, I think from what you guys are adding, my protein intake is definitely way over the limit, so am gonna cut down to about 180g daily. I do agree there isn't much variety in my diet and it is very low in fat. I will try make amendments. I have been following this diet for years and think I am gonna change to a moderate protein / moderate carb / moderate fat diet and see how i go with that...

Thanks for all your feedback...I appreciate the fast replies.


its not my research you meat head. this was article written by our very own T-Nation backed up by real scientific research.

by the way where did you get the 1g protein/ lb of mass anyway? That statement alone proves your ingnorance.
It's just an over used myth that everyone needs at least that much protein to build muscle. If your going to insult someone who is just offering safe advise please at least do a little more reading on this web site.


Hmmmm could be Scurvy matey


The real key here is this- you've been on this "diet" for years right? How has it worked out for you? Are you at 6% BF and 250 lbs? Or are you still not anywhere near your goals? I would suggest you try to follow a pre-written diet plan that will aid you in your calculations (T-Dawg 2.0 for example). You should get better results than just constantly winging it.

As for the protein debate- there are quite a few myths floating around about the proper intake amount. I've always read, and truly believe, that for adequate weight management and moderate muscle gain- 1g/LBM is the place to start. Not 1g/lb of body weight mind you. You should use LBM in your calculation. For ultimate gains- 1.5 to 2x would be better. Not required, hell 1x isn't even "required", just better.