Protein Intake?

I’ve been training for many years and .8-1 gram of protein per lb has served me well. Lately, I’ve tried taking in 1.5-2 grams per lb and I simply can’t ingest that much. I eat properly, i.e., 5-6 small meals, moderate carb, mod to low fat (‘good fats’), plenty of pure water, using lactose free protein powders, increasing the amount of protein per meal slowly over time, etc. I simply get extremely bloated and can’t even force feed myself that much. Even when drinking easily and quickly digestible lactose-free whey isolate drinks ingesting that much protein per day is just impossible for me. Like I said, I’ve been training for a quite a while and understand the sacrifice of occassionaly ‘force feeding’ and eating for function and not pleasure. I weigh 215 at about 10% BF. How do you guys take in 300 to 400+ grams a day?

I think your problem is with protein that has Casin in, this did the same with me, I was always bloated, just switching to a pure whey protein fixed this for me.

Right before bed I mix around 120 grams of milk protein isolate with 32 oz. of chocolate milk, for a total of about 135 grams of protein. Drink three of these a day and you’re well on your way to 400 grams per day.

I often eat a pound of chicken. That will get you a good start, then you can just eat a normal amount af protein for the rest of the day (like 40g/meal), and you will be around 350g/day.