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protein intake

Does anyone know if there’s a limit to how much protein your body can process in one sitting? And if so, how long after you eat should you wait before consuming protein again?

I’m throwing this back to the top in hopes of a response. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I ask this because often times for a meal I eat 2 cans of tuna and a cup of cottage cheese which totals about 90 grams of protein. I’m wondering if this is OK or if it’s too much protein at once to be properly digested and used.

Holy crap! 90g of protein in one sitting??? Honestly I don’t know how much human body can handle in one sitting without converting them into fat surplus… try to keep protein intake to 50g max every 2-3 hours depending on what your goals are but that’s just me…

I think this question has been asked a million time before…

There is no exact answer, but anywhere from 35-70 g.'s would be appropriate per 2 hours.

I dont know where you guys get your figures but it depends on size, body fat, and how many calories you burn, will have an effect of how much your body can handle. I wouldnt suggest more than 30-40 grams per meal, more than that and you shit it out or pack on weight as fat, Good Luck, Dr.S

WTF kind of answer is that? Eating more than 30-40g protein in a meal stores it as fat? Why would this be true for protein and not carbohydrates? Eat a hundred grams of carbs at a meal, but none of them get stored as fat? Unless there’s some weird science I missed out, gluconeogenesis is much less efficient than glycolysis. Someone with knowledge post in this and clear it up, because I was under the impression that it took much more energy to metabolize protein than carbohydrates.

Bump for an answer, someone put down this myth please.

Has anyone tried the protein cycling? I read an article on it from one of the first t-mag issues(#10 i think) and i was wondering if anyone tried it and what kind of results you got.

read Barr’s article on Grow! I reccomend about 60g 4 hourley with a dash of casein to reduce catabolism.
never heard of a ceiling for protein intake… I guess if you take to much some is excreted and some’ll have its nitrogens whopped off n will be causing lypogenesis, the boundries prob vary person to person.
if i get into med school maybe I could take a year out n do a wee study to give some indication of whether or not ther is a generic ceiling for protein intake… hmmmmmm…