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Protein intake

Just a little confused here. I see that many people base their protein intake on kg and not lbs. For example…if it is recommended that an athlete should consume 1.5 g/kg per day, than I should be taking in 129 grams per day(WAY TOO LOW). 190 lbs divided by 2.2=86 kg of body weight. 86 * 1.5=129. Shouldnt I base my numbers on lbs and NOT kg?? So, I should use 190 lbs *1.5, which comes to 228 grams per day! Just wondering whether or not I need to convert my weight to kg’s first…and then multiply or should I just take my weight in lbs and multiply right off the bat? Thanks…Tony G

I have seen the suggestion of 1.2-1.5 /lbs I use this method and have had not difficulty adding size when trained for it. Also I have seen it suggested that the it should be 1.2-1.5 /lbs of LBM, but i use my total mass just to be sure i am not missing any protein.

A quick search will clear this right up for you!

It is easiest to base ones protein intake on kg vs lbs. You already have the method down, i believe around 130 grams of protein. I think that is an ample amount. However, if you are trying to add bulk/mass i might up that number to about 150. That should be obtainable through 5-6 small meals a day.
good luck

You should check out this week’s Protein Prejudice article. It discusses this topic.

Thanks John,
I already read it. VERY good read. I have just about everything you written in a 3 ring binder! The only reason why asked is because I work in a corporate fitness center and I am running a “weight-loss” program for all the white collars…haha. Anyways, I see some recommendations based on kg, and some for lbs. I was just curious as to which one would be applicable to this population group (ie…non-athletes…wink wink).

bulking on 150 grams of protein? Classic!!! What exactly would that bulk? I am dieting and take double that.

ThANK YOU!!! I thought the same thing when Cswick0 said that 150 grams was sufficient…actually I laughed out loud. But my cocern about protein intake has nothing to do with me, but for a few of my clients…who at best are “moderately” active people. I am thinking if I base their protein intake on kg and not lbs, that should be enough. As Berardi mentioned in this weeks article…protein need is MUCH different that protein optimization. Tony G

Any thoughts on just going by % of a diet? Like 40/30/30 to figure out your protein intake in reference to the calories you are eating per day.