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protein intake

I was told by a certified nutionalist (know it all), that a person can only process 18g of protein at a time. If that’s true why am I spending money on shakes with 52g per serving?
This theory just dosen’t sound right to me, are there any experts in T-Land that can shed some light on this issue?

18g of protein at a time is a vary insufficient statement.

First off, what’s a “time”? 18g a minute? an hour?

Secondly, proteins digest at different rates. A can of tuna will certainly be digested more slowly than half a protein shake.

Now, we know that whey will leave the blood within about an hour after you consume it. So, theoretically there is a limit to the amount of useful whey you can have in one sitting. Once the blood is saturated, there would be no point. What the useful upper limit is, I don’t know. But I sure saw better results when I ate 50g post-workout instead of 30g post-workout.

Where did he/she get this information from? Can he show you any form of proof to back up his statement? What does he/she mean by 18 grams “at a time”? How often does that mean (1-2-3 hours in between meals)? Did this person ever mention anything about different kinds of protein and how the quality can vary greatly from one source to another?
Sorry, it just seems like a very close minded statement. Check out some of the previous protein articles (protein roundtable, Berardi articles) and you’ll have some ammo to throw back at the “know it all” nutrtionist.

Maybe you should ask the Certified Nutritionist the basis for his/her statement. There are some great articles here on protien intake, nitrogen levels, etc! All good stuff for you know.

No, that is not true. This certified fool just gave you an arbitrary number. How likely do you think it is that a 220 pound man and a 120 pound woman can “process” the exact same amount of a given substabce? Also, define “a time.” If you eat 18g, can you eat another 18g an hour later? Three hours?

Not only is that a silly thought, but 18g is insanely low. Usually these people pick a number somewhere around 30g or so. This person obviously missed the last memo the Fools Inc. sent to all of it's employees.

My advice is to get enough protein to meet your current dietary goals, and split it up into 6 or more meals per day. Hope this helps.

“Now, we know that whey will leave the blood within about an hour after you consume it”

El_Machinae, can you please elaborate on this?

Yep, I’m talking to myself. The whey will leave the blood about an hour after it peaks in the blood, not an hour after you consume it. It usually peaks an hour after you consume it. Duh.

Has this been proven in any studies?

If so, I’m guessing all proteins peak and leave after two hours not only whey. The only difference is the slower proteins (eg. casein) takes longer to reach the bloodstream?

On a related question, does casein clot in the stomach or the intestines?