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Protein intake

I was wondering on how much protein is TOO much for a protein shake, provided someone drinks 2 shakes per day and doesn’t get that much protein from their normal diet. Is an 80g shake twice a day too much? I dont have time to make alot of small shakes and really 2 is the best I can do. So my question is how much can a person consume at 1 time?

I usually do an 80g shake right before bed. If you want to spread the shakes out just do this. Go to the store and buy a 1qt plastic jug with a pouring type lid (not a straw type. Load a few tablespoons of olive oil or flax (for the calories and to prevent the mixture from sticking to the inside of the container). Load about 8 scoops of whey (~160g protein)(I use Optimum 100%). Fill the rest of the jug with milk or water and shake the hell out of it. You’ve now got 4x40g shakes ready to drink. If you use water you can get by without using a fridge. Easy.

80 grams is fine in one sitting. I’ve done 135 gram shots b4 bedtime. had no problem. laters pk

I haven’t seen any hard evidence that says you can’t go beyond the “normal” 45grams at a time argument. It seems that what you are doing is Okay as long as it is not just whey. If you add caseinate then it will stay in the system longer instead of just being quickly digested

the body has trouble dealing with excess protein at one sitting. it cannot get the hormones and enzymes necessary to utilize that much protein. If at all possible, divide it into smaller, more often.

Could someone tell me what size the scoop is supposed to be??? I didn’t get a scoop with my 5lb tub of Optimum Whey :frowning: And the store wont give me one!!! Bastards!!! And who else has tried putting olive oil in? That sounds like a good idea for the extra calories I need but how does it taste?

i think it is a 60 cc scoop equivilent to 25 grams. Olive oil or even better, flax seed oil, adds a weird taste to the protein. I would suggest that a thicker style protein shake be used since my whey protein isolate shakes are not thick at all and the oil rises to the top real quick. If i had to say the hardest part of nutrition is getting enough quality fat and calories. The protein and the carbs is easy. laters pk

How much is too much probably depends on a variety of factors such as:

  1. How many calories you’re consuming on a daily basis.
  2. How many meals youre consuming on a daily basis.
  3. Lean body mass and activity level.
    Obviously if you only eat once or twice per day your body will learn to utilize more protein at one sitting. If you eat a typical bodybuilding oriented 6 smaller meals per day and are dieting then having an overload of protein (> 50 grams) at one of these meals will likely lead to spillover and cause some of this protein to be used as fuel instead of being used for growth.