Protein Intake when dieting

Bill Roberts recommends not eating over one grame of protein per lb of lbm when dieting and others like Serrano, Beverly, and poliquin, recommend increasing protein when dieting. Wouldn’t it more depend on if your carbs are low or not?

I believe it does depend on carb intake. Obviously if you’re going to limit carb intake (say 100 g. or less/day), you’re going to have to get some extra cals from protein or fat. On a CKD for example, one gram per lb. is likely enough if it’s from decent sources but you have to have plenty of fat, preferably with an emphasis on EFA’s like flax, fish, olive, etc. It is interesting how the experts seem to have such radically different opinions on the necessary amount of protein. Incledon and Stout also recommend not much more than 1 g/lb. Poliquin doesn’t recommend a really high protein intake for everyone though. If you have good insulin sensitivity you can get the majority of your cals from carbs (50-60 percent). Duchaine had different levels too…but out of his three different diets in Bodyopus, the highest protein level he recommended was 33 percent of total cals in the Isocaloric diet, working out to roughly 1 g/lb. Personally I haven’t gone below 1.5 g/lb in probably three years, mainly just because I enjoy protein foods the most. On my last Don’t Diet phase I actually went up to pretty close to 350 g. protein/day using the 30/40/30 percentages, at a whopping bodyweight of 160.