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Protein Intake Via Supplementation


Hey all,

I was curious to know what percentage of your protein intake is done via supplementation?

I usually don't take any protein supplements, but when summer rolls around I lose my appetite because of the heat, so it becomes a necessity.

What are acceptable upper limits?



80% supplemented protein for me.


It varies depending on the day, really. I've gone days without using any, and then theres days (usually due to time constraints) where I use like 8 scoops or more.

On average I would say I use 2 scoops a day, maybe three. So I'll just say 50 grams is average for me.


I'd say close to 65% at the moment comes from supplements.


I usually get 50 to 60% of my daily protein intake from supplemental sources.


Hardly any(unfortunately). I make a cold breakfast drink of a scoop of Metabolic Drive, instant coffee, and milk. That is pretty much it for the day. I'm on a tight budget and most of my protein is from eggs, tuna, and chicken breasts. But I miss my supplements!!


60/40 for me on most days. 60 food, 40 supps that is. When I was really in "diet" mode a while back it was around 20 food and 80 supps. I have begun to explore various kinds of protein sources I haven't eaten much of before (got sick of chicken breasts) so now I've found more food options.

What is the basis of your question? Are you concerned you are using supplements too much or not enough? There is no one set amount that is acceptable. Just do what works for you and don't worry about it.


Right now im having about 4 shakes with about 40 grams each and 2 whole food meals with about 30-40 grams of protein.

I find in the hotter months having the shakes in the day works well with the heat and having the whole food meals at night when its cooler and im feeling more hungry works good.


Ha! I'm in the same boat as you! I had to reduce my supps due to $$$ but I can't complain too much. Anyway, I only supp about 50g a day, or roughly two scoops.



Id say I get about 25% from supplements or about 100 grams. Its better to get it from whole food sources than supplementing it, but the most important aspect is to get your required number =D


100-150 grams via bars or shakes. 250-300 grams whole foods.


David, I'm surprised that your protein supplementation intake is so high!

You and JB seem to agree on so many points: and JB recommends minimal supplementation use.

Are there any downsides of high supplementation use?



Thanks for all your input, guys!


I'm currently pretty close to this right now, depending on the day 75-80% (leaning out).

Bulking, I'm normally around 30-40%


I have some very cool data that I will present in the Anabolic Index Manual, explaining why it's desirable to supplement so much.

The big downside is that I can only have 2 liquid meals in a row, otherwise the lower GI gets "overexcited".


Ah! Great promo! :slightly_smiling:

When is the manual coming out?


I have an July 31 deadline for the first draft, and it looks like I'm going to make it (or at least be really close).

The site will be up shortly after and I'm sure we'll get feedback from other contribs around the same time.