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Protein Intake Tips


I was wanting some help for protein. Long story short, 6 foot 2inchs doing greyskull. Weight is currently 319lb. I have trouble getting 200 to 220 grams so that I can retain muscle. Lifts are going up right now.
3 whole eggs plus a cub of egg white beaters with 1 1/3 cub of green peas and a package of flavorless gelitin mixed with the eggs
chicken breast, or two swai filites or half a package of ground turkey with a vegtable of some sort and a tortia that has 12 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein

snack: can of tuna with apple sauce and a pack of gelitin

dinner: what my mom makes but I take two whey isolate shakes before dinner. Shakes are with water only.

I have hard being constant some of the time. I would love any tips.


Why do you need more protein than 220g a day? Chances are seeing as how you are in the beginners section and are looking to lose weight I doubt you 300 pounds of jacked muscle. 1g of protein per LEAN bw is plenty.


If your lifts are getting better (assuming you've gotten to the point where the weights are challenging), you're not losing muscle.

Just to get an idea of how much lean weight you're carrying; how much are you lifting and how tough is it for you?


Being consistent is the hardest part. You have to make it part of your life, like showering, shaving, getting dressed...

That's why average people call dedicated people "obsessed". The average person wouldn't dare miss a shower. A dedicated bodybuilder doesn't dare miss a meal. Or a shower. Hopefully.


Sorry I did not respond sooner. My Squat this past Tuesday was 280lb first set 2 reps (I was losing focus and lazy), second set 5 reps, and third set 6 reps. I took the advice of setting up plates on the floor to the needed height and made sure I touched lightly so I know I am not cutting depth. Deadlift was 280 at 5 reps this past week. I would have gotten 6 or 7 reps but my summer finales were on my mind.

I did not mean to imply I am 300lbs of muscles as I am far from it. At best mabey 200lb LBM (That's including water and other non-fat). And the reason why I was trying to get to 200 til 250 grams is because I know some of the big guys like KingBeef and Pro. X recommend that volume or more.

Bench is going up. I am hoping I can surpase 135lb for 5 reps on OHP since I have stalled for years at that weight even when using Jim Wendler's false grip and split stance advice. It's frustrating as I am way overweight, and I keeping reading that I should not be having to use micro weights on the OHP at that weight.


I suggest cutting back on the protein and fats and increasing clean carbs. You will increase energy and burn more fat, both increasing your strength and decreasing body fat at the same time. Run sprints. Don't worry about as much about protein, our bodies can't utilize much more than 0.8g/kg of grams protein/kg lean bodymass (which comes to about 0.4g/lb)


You are way overweight, no getting away from that. In Dan John's latest book he says that any clients at or over 300lbs should go to a doctor, a dentist and an optician before they worry about training. I think that sounds like good advice.

If what you're reading and what you're experiencing in the gym differ, you might need to consider that what you've read is wrong.


If you need to micro load OHP to make progress, do it. It's the slowest-progressing compound lift for most people. There's just not a lot of muscle involved in it.

A lot of people also get hung up on heavy low rep work for it. You'll make the best progress working in the higher rep ranges, and only attempting a max every month or so. Shoulders respond best to high reps and high volume.


I wouldn't even attempt a max every month or so. Truthfully, unless you're in some sort of competition, I don't see any benefit to attempting a max. You're spot on about using a variety of reps.