Protein Intake Question

I very much liked your take on protein intake in the workout myths article. I was wondering, what is the guideline you recommend for natural athletes?

I’ve always gone w 1g per pound BW, including 50g whey post workout. But now I’m thinking I could get away with less.


It’s not a matter of “getting away” with anything… it’s about doing what’s best for your health while still getting maximum growth benefits. 1g per pound is likely fine but probably a tad more than necessary. The 50g of whey post-workout would be better invested in using carbs and protein (PLAZMA) pre-workout (for many reasons) and if you take protein post-workout it might even be better to wait 30-45 minutes for blood flow to come back to normal and for adrenalin to come down.

0.8g per pound is likely enough or 1g per pound of lean body mass.