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Protein Intake PWO


I'm curious as to how much protein everyone takes in PWO. Here I mean your PWO shake + any meal within the next 1-2 hours or so.

I generally use about 80g in my shake (which I start drinking midway through the WO), have another 20 g when I get back from the gym, and since I train at night, another 40+ g of casein about 2 hours after that, right before I go to bed. I started this about a year ago (up from maybe 80-90 g total in the same time period) and I really think it's made a big difference.

So, how many g does everyone aim to get down in that post-WO window?


When trying to add size, I have 25g in my PWO Shake and then 65-75g in my PWO meal. I also have a 25g pre-workout shake if that matters here.


75g in my shake
60g in my meal 45min-1hours after my shake


20-25g protein. Carbs are much higher, usually 50-70.


Good point, pre-workout protein will be utilized as well. My pre-WO meal is dinner, so it's also protein-heavy, about 2.5-3 hours before I train.


Wow, that few? Post-WO meal included?


20g whey/casein blend 30 minutes before
50g why/casein blend right after
usually about 1-1 carbs to protein. Mix pre-wo shake w/ OJ and Power Drive but the source of pwo carbs varies.
the meal a few hours later varies greatly.


No pwo meal usually another 50-60g protein/75-100g carbs


My PWO protocol is about 25-35g of carbs, and 40g of whey (2 scoops), of which I could probably do a little less, but I'll err on the side of caution. About an hour later, I try to get at least 40g of prot in a solid meal.



Small breakfast before hand (small Salmon steak, oats, couple of eggs)
1 scoop of Carb and 1 of protein afterwards (roughly 40g carb, 30g protein)

Then just normal working diet (cottage cheese around 10.30 etc)


From my limited ignorant reading, it doesn't seem like you need a lot of protein postworkout if the only goal is to to prevent catabolism. If you're trying to boost protein in your daily intake it's a different story. Like 20g would be okay for the shake, and then the meal would follow regular meal rules (more protein).

I think there was a Berardi article for competing athletes that was recommending 15g protein per hour for competitors during competition and training, and more carbs.

Protein numbers would also be higher if you're using the thibadeau zany casein hydrolysate peri-workout strategy, too.


Uh... I certainly hope no one's only goal post-WO is to prevent catabolism. The goal is enhanced protein synthesis.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.