Protein Intake for Cutting/Bulking

Could someone please clarify for me how much protien I need for bulking/cutting.

I always thought it was 2grams per pound of body weight? but then I was told by someone it’s 1.5grams per kg of bodyweight.

And also do I work it out by subtracting fat i.e. lean body mass so if I’m 200lbs at 15 % bodyfat do I do the calculations based on 170lbs??

John Berardi says between 1.4-2grams per kg in the following article:-

Clay Hyght says 1.5 grams per lb in the following article:-

Or am I reading it wrong??

You first need to identify your daily caloric requirement to maintain weight. If you have been at roughly the same weight for a while this is easy. Just write down what you eat for a day add up the calories. Now, subtract 15-20% for cutting or add 15-20% for bulking.

There are a lot opinions on the best macro nutrient break down. But most would agree that protein should be 35-50% of your diet. So simply multiply your calorie needs by 35% and divide by 4. This is your minimum protein requirement.

If this number calculates to lower than 1 gram per pound, your total calories are most like too low, even for cutting, which will put you at risk of losing lean mass.