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Protein intake before bed?

ok. I’ve been reading about this stuff nitrovarin…supposedly its supposed to counteract that last few hours of sleep when your body shifts into that catabolic state. well anyway, i have no idea what the hell is in this nitrovarin stuff, because it seems to me that they dont want to reveal their “secret protein bed”…i thought that Advanced Protein was a good “before bed” protein source because of the low carbs and the cassein content (which is supposed to coat the stomach and be absorbed much more slowly than whey. they also state that waking up in the middle of the night to consume another shake is pointless because the protein will be absorbed in a matter of minutes. but this isn’t the case with casein containing products like Advanced right??

And oh yeah, their products contain like 35 grams of protein per serving (no to mention the price is close to $5 per serving of this stuff)…it just seems to be that no matter how slow this stuff is absorbed; is 35 grams really some big revolutionary product to keep you “optimally growing during sleep”…i get about 9 hours a night, and i just dont think that 35 grams of protein is going to be the answer to feed my muscles for 9 hours straight, regardless of speed of absorption…ok, so what i’m looking for is your opinion of these “nitrovarin” containing products…if you even know what the hell it is…and is my approach of just consuming 50 grams of advanced before bed and then about after 5 hours of sleep, waking up and consuming about another 30-40 grams a good way to the catabolic effects of sleep? (do you know the cassein content of advanced…and is it a good “before bed” protein source?)

I’ve seen ads for a couple of products that are supposed to be the new advance in “nocturnal post-absortive muscle catabolism.” That must be a fancy way of saying “scam.” There’s a reason why they don’t tell you what’s in their products(and its not because its top secret.) They’re trying to take our money with phony scientific evidence. One ad says that we haven’t heard about “NPMC” because we couldn’t do much about it. Um…I’ve heard about cancer and we can’t do much about it. These guys take Mario Di Pasquale’s words and twist them into an endorsement of their product. These guys are the ones that give supplements a bad name. At least that’s my opinion.

Hey there. I don’t know if it’s worth it to shell out that much money. I’d stick w/ Advanced Protein. :slight_smile: BTW – I think I read it somewhere (maybe it was John Berari who wrote it) that you can add some cottage cheese to your protein shake. I know cottage cheese has some carb, but if you use maybe 4 oz (1/2 cup or so) of it with Adv Protein, I think you can up your casein protein intake. (4 oz of cottage cheese has about 5g of carb. At least the one I use does anyways)


I don’t know what “Nitrovarin” is, and the
webpage of the company that makes it,
under “Supplement Facts,” lists only “Coming Soon.” They apparently aren’t willing to give details.

They try to make it sound as if they’ve made
a secret chemical change to the protein to make it absorb slower. Well, you can’t really do chemical reactions on protein and still have nutritious protein (in general.) You could denature it – cook it basically – and perhaps it would absorb slower. Maybe it is cooked casein. Just a hypothesis.

I don’t know how much casein is in Advanced but I think it’s quite a bit.

Another good protein, the only one I ever really liked besides Advanced, is Met-Rx Protein Plus, which definitely is high in casein.

Advanced seems to be absorbed reasonably
slowly, but certainly doesn’t take 8 hours
to absorb. I don’t think anything will. I’d guess after 3-4 hours it’s done. Adding a little half-and-half to a protein shake will slow absorption somewhat.

Lastly, I’m convinced that a protein shake (especially with a little half-and-half)
before bedtime, with another somewhere in the middle of the night if and only if you tend to waken briefly naturally anyway, keeps you well-nourished during the night.

Add a little fat to AP/Low carb Grow and you have a perfect before bed shake. I got that idea from some T-mag staff. Flax works fine, as would Udo’s or even a bunch of fish oil caps. I sometimes add cottage cheese to bump up the casein and thicken it. This may make it digest slower although that’s just my theory.

I’ve been using ISS Pro M3 before bed - the idea of combining whey, casien, and egg albumin because of the different timing of the peaking of aminos in the blood seemed reasonable solid - about 4-6 hours, all told. Better than the 2 hour clearance rate of just whey isolate, at least.

I saw that stuff too and believe it to be a big scam - I’m sure they’ll laugh at all the money they take. It’s probably SOY protein powder. Ya thats it SOY. lol.

Hey Guys are we forgeting about good old Psyllium Fiber mixed in are high casein protein shakes before bed. I have been practicing this for several months and it seems to work pretty good. I wake up with one heck of a pump. Im asuming if you can mix some Flax Seed Oil and some gargum in that mix it will slow the break down even more.I don’t think anything will be better then a slow driping IV hooked to you all night while you sleep, thats crazy but im sure its been done.