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Protein Intake and Kidneys FTI

For those concerned about high protein intake and kidney damage!! My wife has a degenerative kidney disease called polycystic kidneys which means her kidney tissue is progressively being invaded by cystic tissue. She will eventually lose the function of her kidneys (long time to go…don’t worry) and will most likely look at transplant many years from now. But get this…her disease is very advanced for her age, so we wanted to take a proactive approach to diet, exercise, etc. We finally got in to see one of the best kidney specialists in the midwest. His recommendation was to not worry about protein intake. Current indications are that even higher protein intakes will NOT accelerate the degeneration of her kidneys. Thought you t-guys and t-vixens would get a kick out that.

A nephrologist (kidney doctor) at the University of Pittsburgh agrees that high protein intakes are not bad for the kidneys.

this is sad, very sad, I wish someone would understand why…