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Protein Intake And Ammonia Toxicity

“The PerfectHealth Diet”

“Excess protein is metabolized for energy or converted to glucose. Either way, nitrogen is released. The nitrogen forms ammonia, a toxin, which is disposed of by conversion to urea, a safe molecule.
However, the body’s ability to convert ammonia to urea peaks with a protein intake of 230 grams per day (920 calories per day), indicating that at that protein intake, marginal nitrogen is going entirely into ammonia.The protein intake at which levels of ammonia become significant is lower, somewhere in the range of 600 to 800 protein calories per day. Ammonia toxicity can be quite serious. When protein intake exceeds 45 percent of calories (approximately 900 calories), nausea and diarrhea begin in days and death can follow in weeks.”

How likely is ammonia toxicity really? Is it being overblown? I have eaten above 40% in the past for quite some time and never experienced nausea and/or diarrhea.

Any other issues with a higher protein intake? If ammonia is an issue is there anyway to flush it out when consuming larger amounts of protein?

Really depends dude. If your consuming 5 grams per pound your stupid. Most people stop responding to excess protein before 2 grams per pound.

Also entirely depends on how hydrated you are and the current state of your kidneys. More protein you should consume more water. The worst thing you can do to your kidneys with protein is be dehydrated because your pushing a very dense concentration through.

Guys that end up with serious issues after bodybuilding for years with drugs huge portion of that is diuretics and stims.

Cut the carbs out high protein take a diuretic etc. Too many shortcuts instead of a long smart contest prep.

If your bun/creatine are in range and your liver values are also. You dont have to worry about anything. If they become elevated then you know your body isn’t responding well to it. Or there’s other issues your not talking about such as alcohol tobacco stims.

Its really genetics how much your organs will tolerate. It varies so much from person to person. Some people do ridiculous things and live long healthy lives. Some people just run a very clean cycle. No stims diuretics lots of water and they just drop dead because their kidneys were already in a poor state.

Nephron tubules (the filtration cell of the kidney) do not regenerate. So if your showing signs of kidney damage you need to take that seriously.

Proteinuria (every piss you take no matter what ya do looks like a super foaming beer in the toliet) this isnt nessescarily bad but can indicate problems. And frothy urine can be from other factors. Such as sperm in the uretha because you just had sex or masturbated. Your really tall so gravity drops the urine harder. Etc.

Ogliuria (little urine output) when you drink alot of water it takes way too long for it to hit your bladder. This one is really bad. If your estrogen and other hormones are normal meaning no other bodily reasons to retain water. And you dont have to pee within an hour of chugging a liter (for me its probably 10-20 mins)

If you have to pee every time you drink water your in a good state. Minimum you should shoot for is 2 liters per day. But thats the medical recommendation for anyone healthy. Not nessescarily people who lift or eat high protein diets. So you could definitely go higher. There are some good tools online to suggest how much water you need to take in. But to be accurate you have to measure your intake and output for a day or more and weigh yourself with a sensitive scale daily first thing in the morning. Because you also lose water from sweating pooping breathing, etc. And thats a difficult thing to measure really precisely if your not 100% measuring your food and water intakes. Your outputs etc.

I get kidney paranoid too sometimes. But chances are your kidneys are fine. High protein intake is mostly toxic with inadequate water intake or an already damaged kidney. If everything else is healthy on some lab work just make sure your staying properly hydrated.

Most kidneys studies are just done on average people. All the research suggesting a lower creatinine output is a good indicator of kidney health do not consider supplementary creatine intake.

Thats a problem because creatinine the metabolite of creatine isn’t intrinsically bad. Its the cause of it being high thats bad (if you don’t take creatine supplements)

But you always have people who read those studies and will run around saying creatine is going to fry your kidneys. The creatinine being high in someone who doesn’t take creatine is only high because the kidneys damaged. Its a side effect. It didn’t cause the kidney to be damaged.

Most studies fail to mention that. Its just a side effect of your kidneys not being able to filter stuff out or back into the blood properly. Its not the cause of it.

Point being find different studies by different people. Look at trends across many studies. Dont cherry pick one unless your a nephrologist and fully understand the physiology of the kidney.

Fortunately with the liver component. That thing can mostly fully regenerate if you remove all toxins and stressor to it in order to allow it to recover.

Unless of course you have an incurable form of hepatitis or something… but yeah.

Also your age does matter. A healthy person in their 20s can get away with doing horrendous things to their kidneys/liver. Someone in their 80s should not be eating the amount of protein Ronnie Coleman ate. Just common sense stuff.

Another thing I forgot to mention. You need to consider your BP. High BP is very bad for the kidneys if unchecked for years. Now you take this and throw in a bunch of stressors such as alcohol/tobacco intake high protein intake. Not enough water. Your absolutely nuking your kidneys.

If your consuming a high protein diet and your BP is 100% fine then likely its not going to cause any significant amount of stress.

Too much pressure or too little pressure and the kidneys don’t work. They become stressed get damaged. The irony is… high BP can lead to kidney failure. And kidney failure can lead to high BP. Your kidneys help regulate your BP by excreting excess fluid from your blood. And high BP over time is going to add damage to your kidneys and keep your BP high which furthers the kidney damage.

Point of that. Take your BP seriously. I think the prehypertension of being 130/80 Is kind of bullshit. You can have that your whole life and be fine. But if your nearing 140. Or the bottom number stays above 90 at all times you have a problem you need to take very seriously. Because once the BP regulatory mechanisms are damaged. Your a lifelong BP drug user. Rarely some people get screwed from genetics alone on that one. Most people can keep it in check by monitoring sodium intake and keeping stims to a minimum or bringing that down to 0.

The longer your BP stays really high the less resilient your body becomes at maintaining its BP. Because again. BP is in part largely regulated by the kidneys. And high BP damages the kidneys.

The nice easy summary. Drink more water. Aside from that if the anxiety is debilitating just stop what your doing. Otherwise accept that you can’t reliably know unless you get lab work done. And preferably not just once but a few times days weeks or months apart to see what it consistently trends towards. One time high bun/creatinine you could have just been dehydrated that morning.

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