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Protein Infused Vodka



just came out I guess, never found out how many grams of protein it has but it has peptopro protein in it, thoughts?


Kinda pointless, since your liver basically drops everything (protein synthesis included) to metabolize alcohol. That's why alcohol has a higher thermic effect than even protein.

Just a marketing gimmick, but neat nonetheless.


Just curious if anyone has found other sources about the effect on protein synthesis.


I've mixed protein powder with vodka before. I called it a "proteini." It tasted like shit lol.


The situation reps that vodi





I would never buy something promoted by "the situation" haha


really? i usually take the opposite approach and only buy things promoted by the situation.


Anyone see this quote in the description?

"Mr. Adelman has an intimate understanding of the conflict that comes with ordering a cocktail that is not conducive to a fitness regime. A former body builder whose daily diet at one time consisted of 135 grams of protein per day; Mr. Adelman would take his own protein out with him for a night out on the town to supplement his vodka and soda cocktails."

BBer on 135g of protein a day? Fuck Off!



I'm pretty jelly of the guy...Man is a multi millionare now just from partying, gym, tan laundry, and fucking girls....


Lol. Teeeee-shirt tiiiiiime. God I HATE that.


haha you think im joking...


Until they combine solid amounts of protein with jack daniels, i dont care.


i'd call it the projack slammer:

1 scoop Biotest protein powder
2 shots jack daniels

mix well, slam down in one


the new breakfast of champions...