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Protein Indigestion


I have been training regularly,my diet was normal then I took whey protein and it dint digest.my motion was not normal for few days, later whenever I took protein supplements it dint suit me and I had a problem digesting it.i tried mass gainer which suited me and I dint have any problem digesting it, after a month I decided to go on eggs and chicken as mass gainer was increasing my fat as well.as I started my diet not more than 30-40 grams protein in a week my stomach was upset again the same way it was when I first started my protein supplements.

now when I eat chicken or eggs I feel it got stuck in my stomach and isn’t coming out.i have done tests and everything is normal.some people told me it might be because of lack of fibre or imbalance of enzymes.i tried adding fibres and enzyme as well.it dint help me much.now I can’t digest mass gainer as well.can anyone please suggest me something.


I’m a little confused about your description.

30-40 g a week?or do you mean per meal?

and What about other meat?
Do you have trouble digest other stuff?Most of food have protein.

Medical Test or you just googled it?


30/40grms total of all the meal/per day.i have done medical tests and everything is normal


this started when I started adding chicken and eggs to my diet the amount of protein throughout the day was around 40grms.feels lyk it’s getting stuck in my stomach and give me a lot of gas.so when I discontinued this diet the problem was still there.when having veg protein such as SPROUTS still I feel my stomach isn’t getting clear.fibre already there in my diet.


So to be clear, you have gone to medical professionals and they have said you are digesting fine, but you simply “feel” like everything is stuck inside?


I feel lyk my stomach isn’t getting cleared…when I have protein after 3/4days I have to sit on the pot for a long long tym about 20 to 30mins then I feel my stomach is getting clear I feel this is protein which was undigested and compared to normal motion this is darker.


Again, if you went to a medical professional and had real tests done and they said your fine i don’t think its something you need to be too concerned about. That being said, there are some pretty easy ways to handle digestive health and have everything “run smoother”.

I suggest starting with something like apple cider vinegar, a few tea spoons into a glass of water in the before breakfast and dinner. Fermented foods like kimchi and saurkraut are really good for your insides and digestive health as well. Yogurt (Greek or natural) and pineapple are both chock full of digestive enzymes that help dissolve proteins more efficiently. Start just incorporating these kind of things into your diet more and i am sure you will see a difference, as i have.

Again, I don’t think anything is actually “wrong” per say, but anything could use some fine tuning, and i can almost guarantee that doing these things, especially the ACV will make a difference.


Beastcoast has given you some good advice. Eating such foods as kimchi and sauerkraut will add good bacteria to your stomach. I would also add to that list Kefir and yogurt which will also do the same thing. Without the good bacteria people tend to have more digestive problems. Nothing serious that’s why your medical tests came back fine. But nonetheless the lack of good bacteria can cause the very symptoms that you have described.

One more thing worth considering. I may have missed it but I didn’t read anything about the consumption of fiber. A lack of fiber in your system can slow it down and cause the type of feeling that you are getting in your intestines. Try consuming a good size bowl of oatmeal, or oatbran in the morning.

One more thing to consider, I don’t know what types of tests that you’ve had but if I were you I would have a comprehensive blood test. A good doctor (not easy to find) might be able to figure what is wrong by reading your blood panel.

Good Luck, and I hope you feel better soon.



Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much…appreciate it


Yes I will follow these things.i have done various blood tests.urin,stool and even CT scan.everthing is normal.thank you for helping out appreciate it