Protein inatek question, simple answer

Whats the most protein one’s body can digest in one sitting?

Based on all your questions so far, I have a question for you. Have you ever thought of actually reading T-mag?

sorry im a moron and put inatek* instead of intake*

bob what TEK is saying is that this topic has been delt w/ alot. So by punching “how much protien can your body intake at one time” on the search engine you find your answer…

Just make sure that you spell “protein” correctly when doing the search…

I really have to second TEK’s comment here. About all I’ve seen for the past few days has been your questions littering the place. You need to (a) realize that there actually is a magazine associated with this forum (just click on the “ home” button over there on the left) and (b) spend about the next six months reading up.

I mean that literally. Six months. Don’t want to hear anything more from you till then.

Happy reading.