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Protein in water

Will it hurt the effectiveness of protein if it missed with water, juice, etc. 25 hours before drinking?

Doubt it,there’s no chemical reaction I am sure…And u mean mixing rite?

It’ll be fine - just like those premixed protein drinks that come in a can. However, if you add creatine to it, creatine mixed in liquid will degrade over time but I’ve heard the creatine will be ok for maybe a day but I’d put the creatine in a little pill bottle and add when drinking.

Thanks, I do mix creatine. As well, since it is my post workout drink (Surge) there are ingredients that I thought might be sensitive to water for a long period of time.

I believe L-glutamine is relatively unstable in water and might break down over this period of time. Not positive though.

If I read that right, then you are planning to mix Surge and creatine a few hours before you consume it. Surge is meant to be consumed soon after mixing. If you mix it and let it sit, it will likely ending up tasting pretty foul. Why not just mix your Surge and creatine in a bottle and add water right before you drink it?

Make sure you keep the surge/creatine powder mix in a separate container, put water in one container, and then pour the powder into that. Otherwise, you’ll never get it to mix properly. Well, you prolly already know this.