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Protein in the morning


Does it manner when to take protein in the morning? Does it have a different effect if I take it right after my oatmeal, or before on an empty stomach?


Don't think it would matter at all. I mix my LC Grow right into my oatmeal (after cooking).


You're majoring in minor issues here dude. Just eat some protein and carbs and and go to school.

Don't think, just grow,


You're over analyzing it just take it as Ryan suggested. How about some good ol egg whites in the morning once in a while?


Hmmmm... I normally don't like splitting hairs, but this is one exception. Generally speaking, the first protein meal after waking is the only real time to stimulate protein synthesis using food (nocturnal feedings aside), the rest of our meals are mostly anticatabolic. I'd have the protein first with some simple carbs, then eat a real meal a short while later.

This will not make "all the difference in the world" it's just another strategy to help (a little).


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Goldberg-that quote was in the old "Cloak and Dagger" movie with Dabney Coleman, wasn't it?


It was a quote from "Teenwolf".


As other here have so plainly stated: Get your protein going first thing in the morning along with your oatmeal and be on your way.