Protein in Plants Any Good?

Ive decided to try more plant based. Just want some opinions if there is something missing from my diet.

I wake up at 4.30 and workout so i don¨t eat a lot before the gym.
Breakfast/Pre workout: I make beet juice, with 150 g raw beets and lemon juice.
Lunch and dinner:
Salad: 100 g of each: mango, cucumber, red onion, bell pepper, avocado, kale, 400 g of chickpeas witch i make into hummus, along with 200 g of chicken, plus avocado oil, sesame oil and olive oil. Some chopped cashews on top.

Before bed i will have 50g of homemade popcorn and a smoothie with 150 g of berries.

I plugged all the food into an app, and i am hitting all micronutrients. About 2800 calories.
Does anybody see any flaws with this diet? I should add that ive only been eating this way for 2 weeks, and have good energy.

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This is fine, but how may grams of protein are you getting? I assume your 400g of chickpeas is from a can, so that’s about a full can of chickpeas. Based on nutrition info, that would only be ~21g of protein. I don’t see much else that’s protein in your diet, so you’re probably pretty far of from what you need.

Are you taking vegan protein powder?
Can you eat eggs? Yogurt? Whey?

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You’ll most likely survive on that diet.
What are your goals?

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Forgot to mention that, the chickpeas are dry weight. So thats about 90 grams of protein. I eat 200g chicken, so thats an extra 45 grams. Overall its 160 grams of protein a day if you count all the foods.

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Goals are to build muscle and improve health. Im in about 300 calorie surplus.

It sounds great to me - for a limited number of days. For how long are you able to eat 400 g chickpeas x 2? I would lose my interest in chickpeas within a week.

In my humble opinion you need more variation. Maybe at least three different alternatives for lunch/dinner? What do you need to keep concistency in a diet - over more than 3 months? Or is this just a short term diet?

I suppose I am not much help. When I count grams of protein, if it isn’t eggs, milk products, or meat I give it a zero.

I know absolutely nothing about the bioavailability of chickpeas. How many grams of chickpeas equals one gram of eggs for bioavailability?

For building muscle I would always want as high a bioavailability as possible.

I consider myself anti-vegetarian. So please consider my bias.

There are a few podcasts that talk about getting the nutrients you need while being on a plant based diet. Stronger by science, is one with eric trexler.

I cant remember what they said. Ive always been carnivorous so i didnt pay that much attention.

The only thing thats plantbased in my diet is Plant protein, because i get farts from all the others.
As far as i researched amino profiles, the one im buying is supposed to be complete protein.

Hopefully the study I have cited below will once and for all dispel the myth that vegetable protein can somehow be equated with its animal counterpart. The headlines follow:

This was a randomised controlled trial equating grams of protein consumed in healthy young adults (tofu, kidney beans, peanut butter, mixed nuts versus beef, pork and eggs). Results showed greater gain in whole body net protein balance above baseline in animal consumption. Animal products also suppressed protein breakdown. The findings were correlated with the essential amino acid content of the animal food.

Metabolic Evaluation of the Dietary Guidelines’ Ounce Equivalents of Protein Food Sources in Young Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Interesting. What did the scientists attribute the result to? What is the reason for this conclusion? Bioavailability? Any bias in the study?

Reminds me not just a little about the vegan trainee movie from 2-3 years ago.
Clearly, there must be studies stating the opposite.

You will have to judge some of those aspects for yourself.

I think the upshot, in essence, is that animal proteins have a better essential amino acid profile and higher protein digestibility with respect to dietary requirements.

I also believe there is enough science showing how the natural anti-nutrients in plants, e.g., lectins, are deleterious to health and, hence, they are poorly digested. This topic came up in another thread regarding bread, or more specifically gluten, and its impact on zonulin. Both human and animal trials have confirmed that zonulin is integrally involved in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases, i.e. by increasing intestinal permeability. And the link between gluten and intestinal permeability has been further demonstrated in trials using zonulin inhibitors, e.g. showing a 70% increase in intestinal permeability in the placebo group following acute exposure to gluten.

Of course, some folks will not suffer any perceivable symptoms eating plant proteins but that doesn’t change the science.


Whats your current lbm, you stated goal is to increase lbm. Plant protein is viable source however bioavailability is obvious factor. Not all protein is equal, a gram is not a gram. Plus i gotta say, id be impressed if one stuck to that program for more than few weeks due to monotony

Proteins can be obtained from meat and dairy products and plants. This will help you lose weight and solve health problems. Proteins are also present in plants but much smaller quantities than in meat and dairy products. Nevertheless, vegetable proteins contain the same necessary set of amino acids, which means they can partially or completely satisfy the body’s needs. At the same time, there are fewer fats in plants than in meat, and there is no cholesterol at all, so with their help, you can get essential proteins without unnecessary extras. Many athletes buy drugs to establish a balance of plant proteins in your body. Someone starts eating more vegetables.

If going pseudo vegan take Leucine and creatine -you’ll be deficient in both (from a hard training perspective)

Leucine great stuff anyway…

(this been re-edited over the years but Thib took straight Leucine product. High quality essential amino fine also)

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Plant protein is very similar to animal protein, and combined mixtures of several types of protein contain no less important amino acids. Another thing is that it is very difficult to get the right amount of protein from plant foods. I like to eat, and I watch what I eat. I have found this way myself to improve my athletic fitness. I count calories and consume supplements in my food. It helps not to want to eat, increases muscle mass (protein), and burns fat (carnitine and cardanine). I have also found the best place to buy cardarine and other supplements. I also eliminated dairy from my diet. So I consume plant-based protein.

Unlike animal proteins, plant proteins will suit those who have given up lactose and dairy proteins, which can provoke inflammation in the body. This trend has been observed in the last couple of years but is steadily gaining popularity - people are giving up dairy products to take care of their health because multiple studies show a direct link between skin rashes and milk consumption.