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Protein in non-animal product

Hey all,

I have a question about the amount of protein in the non-animal protein source. For those of you who calculate your daily intake of carb, protein and fat in every meal, do you consider the amount of protein available in non-meat/animal product like: bagel, pasta, veggies, beans, etc?

Somebody told me that non-animal protein are “useless protein” and should not be counted as protein source.

non animal protein isn’t useless, it just doesn’t always contain all the essential ammino acids. It still has a lot of other ammino acids which your muscles and body can use. Ignore whoever told you that.

It should be calculated, since combining ‘inferior’ proteins (proteins which are missing or low in certain amino acids) with animal proteins increases their BV–biological value.

alright lets seee if i can make an attempt to break this down. ok animal proteins first off are not useless and anyone who contends can show me some bunk study that they’re just bulk. but even if they where useless the aminos in dairy and animal products are unmatched. and as we all know amino make proteins right. so id say even if animal protein is useless the amino arent so eat up. but hey what would i know im still a teen.

You con count non meat animal products. Their not useless their just not complete proteins and you should mix foods inorder to get a complete protein
a common example is beans and rice/pasta
if you get 10 grams of protein from beans and 10 from pasta or rice it is a better 20 grams than 20 from beans or rice or pasta
do you get me. You need to know which foods to mix inorder to get a COMPLETE protein.
I hope someone else can help you more than I did as i didnt give you any clue as to which foods to eat together.
And if all your protein is from one source eg for some insane reason you only eat rice for a meal and workout you got 20 grams of incomplete protein you probably got enough essential Aminos for 5 or 10 grams of Complete protein
hope i helped a little
it is quite a complicated subject

If you are really anal yes some do. It seams to me that alto of peole try to make bodybuilding harder than it is. Yes you should write down everything that goes down you pie hole, but unless you are trying to get down to 2% BF, I don’t think that the little extra effort is worth it. Just my $0.02

I don’t count those types of protein because they are not “complete” proteins. They are missing certain amino acids that make them useless unless you supplement the food source with extra aminos. I don’t want to have to worry about whether or not I have all the aminos necessary, so I just don’t count them.

I would not count incomplete protein sources toward my required protein daily intake (for some, it may be 1 to 1.5g/lb), unless of course, you are a vegetarian and combine complementary incomplete sources as mentioned (BTW, vegetarianism is out of my league). However, I think it’s crucial to get your requirement from complete sources. If you are counting calories, however, incomplete proteins still have an energy value of 4 calories per gram, so 10g of incomplete protein and 10g of complete protein both have 40 calories…although, all proteins are not created equally.