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protein in natural forms

Since I can only get protein in natural forms,i.e. meat, milk, tuna, (no supplements, can’t afford them) I was wondering would drinking a litre of milk after a workout be better then eating some meat or tuna since casain is supposed to be the best kind of protein.

for what it’s worth, if you compare them on a per-serving basis, protein powder is a lot cheaper than tuna, chicken, beef, turkey, or cottage cheese.

A liter a day of milk=2400mgs of calcium.Which is waaaaaay too much!You would be throwing my favorite anabolic minerals(zinc&magnesium)out of balance.That’s not good.Listen to what this Zev guy is telling you.Later man!

J, check out your natural living center or health food store. the ones that smell like petule and have chicks with hairy armpits not GNC. They should have plain whey protein that costs about 2 bucks a pound! I used to buy this stuff during the lean times. I have yet to find a whey to make it taste good other than mixing it with other protien powders but give it a try anyhow. Also check out the protein factory, that’s where my next batch is coming from.

A litre of milk!! Do you like to have the runs? Fact:Humans are the only species on earth to consume milk after they are grown adults. Protein powders are much more efficient at delivering concentrated nutrients.

If you can afford that much milk (unless you get it straight from the cow or a goat) then you should be able to get some protein powder. It will definitely be more beneficial for you in muscle gains.