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Protein in Lightly-Fried Eggs vs Hard-Boiled


Hi all,

I've been having a minor disagreement with a young lady about which of the above contains greater and superior protein. I have it as boiled, because contact with oil destroys more protein than simple heat through the shell, she claims that if you fry the eggs lightly leaving some of the yolk runny, you preserve more and better protein than if they are hard-boiled.

Who is correct, and why?


I think minutia like this is rather pointless, just get the eggs into you and vary the way they're prepared based on your personal tastes.


She is and I don't remember why. Hard cooked albumin and slightly runny yolk is ideal.

In the real world it probably doesn't matter.


Hard boiled eggs are difficult for me to digest in large amounts. Soft boiled eggs are easier, but don't store as well. I usually just fry up a mess of eggs with the yolks still soft and chow down.