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Protein in Bikini Body Program

This is a section of Chad Waterbury’s Bikini Body sample menu for one day:

[quote]Weight: 150 pounds
Protein: 120-150 grams per day

Meal 1: 3 whole eggs, 2 cups broccoli, 1/2 cup blueberries, 3 Flameout capsules, 1 cup green tea

Meal 2 (snack): 3 ounces chicken breast, handful of raw vegetables, handful of raspberries, water

Meal 3: 4 ounces fish, spinach salad drizzled with olive oil, 1 cup strawberries, water

Meal 4 (snack): 3 ounces cheese, handful of raw vegetables, 1 cup green tea
Meal 5: 3 ounces lean beef, 2 cups asparagus, 3 Flameout capsules, water

Meal 6 (snack): 1 scoop low-carb Metabolic Drive, celery stalks spread with natural peanut or almond butter[/quote]

Did I get this right - I’m 153lbs so I need about 153g of protien per day… Chad’s sample diet plan has 13 oz of protien (not including the eggs) - which is around 368g acording to my calculations. Meaning over 200g of protien too much…

This doesn’t seem right to me have I made a mistake?

I think your numbers are a little off…

I plugged the proteins into Fitday.com and came up with this:

Total Protein: 128.5g

3 eggs: 18.9g
3 oz Chicken breast: 21.5g
4 oz Fish: 26.4g
3 oz Cheese: 20.2g
3 oz lean Beef: 21.4g
1 Scoop Metabolic Drive: 20g

Hope that Helps!!

~ Christy

Fish and beef and eggs and all that have proteins, fats, nutrients… it isn’t pure protein. So it’s not a straight mass conversion like you’re doing.

Hey Thanks!

So I started this over the weekend and BF is down by 1.6% and Muscle up to 23%!

Woo hoo! (I suspect that my scales aren’t so acurate but I’m not looking that gifthorse in the mouth).