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Protein in Australia?


Firstly I would like to say everyone on this forum is so knowledgable so I am hoping to tap into this wealth of knowledge.

Looking to purchase a whey hydrolysate (pre/post workout) and whey isolate (breakfast). Supplements in Australia are confusing me (analysis paralysis) and I am not as experienced as everyone else out there in T-Nation and also lactose intolerant.

I have come down to three companies. Protein Direct, Myopure and Biotest (Surge Recovery). Has ANYBODY tried these products?

I was leaning towards Surge (for pre/post), but noticed it has sucralose and soy in it - I thought this was bad. No disrespect to Berardi - he's awesome.

I'm a complete newbie - well kind of - stopped training for 10 years now - boy things have changed! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.