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Protein Hydroslate

Anybody have luck with possible sources? I’ve heard some baby food has it?? Twinlab Cherry Amino Fuel supposedly uses hyrdroslate - I’m not sure if this was a misprint though.

Have you tried protein factory. The have 2 different ones.

Why is everyone having ttouble finding the ingrdients for the pw drink? I know I’ve said this repeadlty, but got to the protein factory and look at hydro 520. It’s that simple!

Kilosports will have a 3 kinds to choose from very soon…I have the c/a on the stuff and it looks great…

Yeah, that 520 is suppose to be good stuff, but they only recommend you use less than 25% in your protein mix, due to the extremely bitter taste.

Quick note–baby food does contain protein hydrolysate, but for every gram of protein it has something like 5 grams of fat, so it wouldn’t be an option for this application.

Beverly International has hydrolyates
in tab form

the twinlabs product I think you are talking about has egg protein hydroslates and it’s down the list like 5 or 6.

twin cheramino uses hydrolyzed collagen which is cow/lips/asses etc. look at the amino acid levels very low in bcaas etc

beyond-a-century has it. They call it WHEY PROTEIN, PREDIGESTED and sell 2 lbs for $25.00

Um, well, does anyone know if AST’s VP2 is 100% hydrolyzed whey protein just like it claims? It tastes good and that’s what I’ve been using. Have I been wasting my dough? Please let me know;)

is also curious about AST product - it tastes ok and disolves well but is described as “hydorlysed peptides” …