Protein: Have it your whey?

 Has anyone ever heard of The Protein Factory?  I found it at  They offer to mix up protein powders, MRP's, etc. as you want them.  You tell them what protein(s) you want and what percentage and they mix it up for you and sell it by the pound.  You can also add flax seed oil, creatine, glutamine, whatever.  I am tempted to try it, but would hate to scammed. Anyone have anything to say about this company?  Thanks.  

A buddy of mine and I are in the process of developing a private label protein from the Protein Factory. They seem to be legit and have produced some good tasting proteins. Ask for Alex when you call and tell him Bill and Chad from Birmingham sent you (maybe he will give me a discount Ha!)

I’ve ordered from them before (their Night Time Formula). It was delivered quickly, tastes good and mixes well.


I ordered a custom zero-carb MRP blend from them. Alex was extremely helpful in making sure it wouldn’t taste like crap.

I ordered 10lbs, it arrived a couple of days later. It came in a hugh plastic bag. I set it out on my kitchen table and proceeded to scoop it into some saved protein canisters. My wife asked what she should tell the DEA guys when they pull up to the house. I guess I looked pretty funny.

By the way, no scam!

I buy from them all the time. They are absolutely legit, with high quality product and great prices. And where else could you get your own blend of 60% whey isolate, 30% casein and 10% milk protein with your choice of flavor, sweetener, etc. That is way too cool and you don’t have to read all the Next Nutrition Designer bullshit. They have great quality stuff and that’s where a lot of pros and manufacturers buyt their stuff anyway.

LA - What percentages of ingredients did you use for your protein powder? Did you have anything else added in addition to the protein? I’m following the Anabolic Diet also and was thinking about ordering a blend from these guys.

50% ion exchange whey
25% casein
10% egg
10% milk.
2% vitamins and minerals

Vanilla, sweetened with Stevia/Acesulfame

Next time I’ll get it sweetened with Stevia only. I’d perfer a less-sweet taste.

I mix a scoop with 2 tablespoons of olive oil (sometimes flax) with a half-cup water. This is approx: 24g protein, 0 carbs, 28g fat. BTW I really believe olive oil raises test levels. Mine were in the crapper and heading south until I starting using it. There was some study done too at some university in Penn about saturated and mono-saturated fat raising test, where poly did not. Sorry, I can’t remember more details about it. Maybe someone else will.

Hey LA,
what was in your zero card MRP?

Thanks a bunch LA!