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Protein & Glucagon/Insulin

Protein stimulates insulin and glucagons

Various proteins have different effects on insulin , glucagons production. Many diets indicate the effectiveness of protein and its ability to stimulate glucagons. What is often forgotten is different protein exhibit different hormonal effects (amino acid composition changes responses).

Below is an excerpt from ?Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete? by Dipasquale

Soy protein induces a low postprandial insulin/glucagons ratio in both hypercholesterolemic and noncholesterolemic subjects while casein induces a high porstprandial ins/ gluc ratio.

Leucine was the most effective amino acid in stimulating insulin secretion but did not increase in glucagons or gh secretion . Alanine, glycine, and serine induced a greater enhancement of both glucagon and insulin secretion than other amino acids.

Multiple correlation analyses indicated that only bcaas were significantly correlated with insulin increases and were devoid of a relationship to glucagon Similarly only ornithine, lysine and glycine were significantly correlated with glucagons profiles and devoid of a relationship to insulin.

any additional studies would be appreciated

Coach hale