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Protein from Vegetables?


Hey guys,

So atm im working with a 40/40/20 diet that goes Protein,Carbs and fat.

So my TDEE is 2650 Kcals daily which means I need to be taking in 265 grams of protein daily. My question is that should I count protein found in incomplete sources like vegetables? Or should I only count protein from lean meats and cottage cheese etc?

I eat 5 meals daily and shoot to get about 40 grams of protein a meal from meats or fish, then there will usually be about 12 grams of protein from my vegetable intake so im wondering do I count this?

Looking forward to a few replys:)



Found the answer after searching through all of J.B'S articles.

False alarm but thanks in advance if you where gonna share the answer, if not then shame on you!