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Protein From the Bulk Barn


Right now, being a student I can't afford to buy whey by the tub. There is a bulk barn down the road however that sells it by weight, so I can just go and get any dollar amount, which is extremely convenient for me. It claims to be 90 something percent whey isolate and it's just white and unflavoured. I mix it with some type of kool aid mix they have there, usually 0.25 lb to every lb of whey and it makes the taste bearable, however it does NOT mix with anything, even water. The stuff just balls up like gum and I have to swallow it whole.

What do you guys think? Is it better than nothing for now or should I just stick to whole meals PWO?


I just ordered 80 servings of ON gold standard for 30 bucks. That’s pretty cheap dog.

Bulk Barn?


Blend it?


How much is whey isolate from the barn?


If it tastes bad and doesn’t mix well it’s probably junk protein. Whey should be used sparingly in your diet anyways, so it shouldn’t be a huge concern.