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Protein for the Velocity Diet


Hey guys i'm starting the velocity diet next week and have all the recommended supplements except Metabolic Drive. I live in the UK so there is a certain difficulty in obtaing the product. I have orderd it online but it will not arrive untill a further 10 days.

I can not delay the diet plan due to various reasons and thus have been desperatly seeking a short term alternative i can use instead of Metabolic Drive.

I think i may have found the perfect alternative in reflex's peptide fusion. I will post a link so you guys can view the product, please tell me what you think. Is this going to be ok to use instead?? Is it missing a key ingrediet i dont know about??

Thanks alot guys


heres the link: powerhouse-fitness.co.uk/store/sportsfood_product


Ok the link doesn't seem to be working. Best thing to do is search it on google.

But i'll tell you a little bit about it:

The protein powder has a ratio of 33:33:33 of egg white, whey protein and micellar cassien.


I've done the V-Diet several times, and have never used a Biotest product. That product seems fine.