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protein for PW

I see now that Protein Factory has a HYDROLYZED CASEINATE “360” that is supposed to be much more absorbable than even whey-protein hydrolysate. Has anyone experimented with this and if so, what is the carb of choice, dextrose, maltofern or Maltrodextrin. Interesting claims inre to maltofern. I am curious and willing to spend a few bucks. Any more results with a PW would be appreciated.

Jay: I have discussed this at some length with John B. and we both agree that even though the molecular weight in daltons is lower in the hydro. casein than the hydro. whey, the amino acid profile of whey is a bit more suited to the post-workout feeding. Personally I use the hydro caseinate 360 with a bit of hydro whey and a cup or two of cottage cheese with a sweet potato in the feeding that takes place an hour or so after the post-workout drink.

As far as the maltofern is concerned, John is still working on the scientific end of whether it is more effective or not but I can personally tell you that it seems to give me a bit more of an insulin rush over the suggested glucose/maltodextrin mixture, and I have tried both extensively. To each his own, but I believe that the maltofern, in terms of having the symptoms of an insulin rush, is more effective. Try them both for yourself and see. Let us know which one works better for you. Either way you cannot lose.

Maybe John has more to add…