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Protein for Muscle Mass


There are many products out there, but what are reccomended brand names for protein supplements (Reasonable prices) that work well in aiding muscle mass with of course the usual working out, but in nearby stores


You haven't been on here for very long have you? Just a little early warning: you are going to get ripped apart for this asinine post.


I just became a member a couple of hours and was just asking for help


Yea I agree with the above and I'll be the first smartass, 2 things
1) Biotest or if you must elite whey
2) GNC sucks, shop online


Take a while to look and read around. You'll soon realise that this site belongs to Biotest, a supplement company.

Most of the people on this site are quite partial to their protein line, called Metabolic Drive. You'll find it's more expensive than the usual whey proteins you find out there because it's a combination of casein and other exotic proteins.

They just recently brought out a whey only product, which might fit your budget better.


As Miserere pointed out go into the store and read the info article for the Metabolic Drive and Premium Whey proteins sold here. You can't do any better as far as quality and taste goes IMO.



You got everything you need right here.




I'm feeling nice today, so I'll just go ahead and anwer the kid's question.

Ok, first of all, there is nothing special about protein supplements that make them "work well in aiding muscle mass." Its just food in powder form. They are called supplements because you should only use them to supplement your already protein-rich diet. You are better off eating only whole foods, but in this crazy mixed-up world sometimes its hard to find time for a full meal every three hours.

Also, you will be needing different types of protein powders for different uses. For example, pre- and post-workout you should stick to whey, since it is digested quickly (you can get a great deal here on Grow! Whey Protein). For your standard meal replacement type protein, you should look for a combination of whey, milk, and egg proteins (for example Metabolic Drive). This will offer a slower-digesting meal which will mimic regular animal protein.

So, long story short: Don't even think about protein (or any supplement) shopping until you have your diet in order, but when that time comes, everything you need is here. What's more, all the information you need is here too (Go to the Articles section, and read until your eyes are watery and bloodshot).

Good luck, and don't expect everyone else here to be so damn nice next time you ask a question. The best part about this site is the overall intellectual quality of the posts, and if it you post a question that has been answered many times then you will be unkindly reminded that there is a Search engine for the site. Use it first, then post.